Metal To Infinity

I purchased a CD from these guys a few years ago. Listening to this EP it’s about time to pull it out of my collection again and give it one after another spin. Especially the very first track of this EP overwhelms me enormously; what a mighty song! This song contains everything a good Metal song is asking for; power, outstanding vocals, superb melodic lines and an exciting vibe! The song is varied, contains different breaks and arrangements, several emotions are foreseen… Add a fantastic rhythmic foundation and some great fast played solos, equal catchy riffs and you easily understand what I am talking about! 

I know, I start talking about the music right away, without really announcing the band but the “Wow-effect” is so big I can’t believe my ears! “Rise Like The Sun” might be one of the best Metal tracks I’ve heard this year. And who is Scarred? Well, this is a band from California / USA and as you probably know we, at Metal To Infinity, have some kind of preference for this kind of Metal. Listening to this EP I am still proud because of the fact we swim against the stream if we talk about Metal….  

“Shadow Of Conspiracy” was Scarred’s first born CD; a full length album from which I promise you to write a review about as well. Scarred describe theirselves as being Progressive; that’s a fact but the band is in the first place a true US Heavy Metal band. They deliver wide ranged Heavy Metal so and add also US Power and traditional Doom Metal into their music! 

If you’re into bands like Savatage, Jacob’s Dream, Psychotic Waltz, Black Sabbath (eighties era) but also Solitude Aeturnus and the some godfathers like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest then you’ll adore this release. Don’t expect some new tunes around , as far as this is necessarily,  but instead you’ll receive  fair Metal, true Metal by an honest band that owns the talent to perform high quality Metal.  

The four songs this EP contains have a totally different atmosphere, overall darkness is inside every track. The title track is a great semi-ballad (think “WatchThe Children Pray” by Metal Church) with outstanding choruses! “Worms Of The Universe” is an outstanding Doom Metal song with some lugubrious well tasted experiments in it. The last song “First Encounter” summarizes a bit all of what I was talking about before.  

Most remarkable on this EP is singer Eric Claro! This man contains a golden voice and with his strung lungs he has so many possibilities…. This man sings high and low, angry and sweet, raw and clear and overall with a very sensitive timbre. His voice is unique and this man is another singer I will keep my eyes on forever, no matter in what Metal band he will ever play! Yes, an ideal Metal singer, that’s what he stands for! 

On the one hand it is a pity this is just an EP. With the quality I have heard on this disc I am sure a full album would have ended high in my year list. Once again I need to say it’s such a shame US Metal is so far underrated, so much mistreated. Anyway I want you to surf to to purchase this goodie!  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)