Metal To Infinity

As I have promised in the review about the EP Scarred just released, listening to the name of “Haunting Memories”, I will make a review about their full length album too. This record is released in 2006 and I’ve bought it somewhere in that era.  

Thanks to the EP I received from this band and because of the fact I adored it I took some time searching this one in my collection. And yes, only one spin reminded me why I like this band so much! This is pure US Power / Thrash, a band that deserves all of your attention! 

Fans of Metal Church, Nevermore, Jacob’s Dream, Hanker, Spirit Web etc. will easily pick this one up. Catchy and razor edged riffs on technical and difficult foundations, that’s what every song contains! Talking about the foundations I can tell you the drum parts are pretty remarkable, although the production could have been far better.  Add fantastic and cold shivering acoustic arrangements, some outstanding solos and powerful mid tempi structures with great played double bass drums! Scarred delivers Metal songs with different mixed styles; Heavy, Power, Thrash…  

On this album you’ll hear Scarred’s first singer, Sammy D. The man has a good voice, strong enough for this kind of music but to me he’s not equal to the new singer. Nevertheless I’ve heard him doing some awesome things, including a fantastic scream in “Mirror image”. On the softer parts of Scarred his voice stands tall and he proves that he is a good singer. Nevertheless I am convinced Scarred improved with Eric Calor behind the microphones. 

The songs on this album are typical US Power / Thrash, mostly unpredictable and dark. Also if we mention the song writing I have to admit Scarred took a few steps forward on their EP. Don’t get me wrong; “Shadow Of Conspiracy” contains great songs but the EP has more capabilities for a bigger crowd and brought me more joy.  Maybe it’s unfair to compare both but I don’t actually mind. This is a good Heavy Metal release, the EP is a fantastic one! 

Maybe you should check it out yourself. It’s not that difficult; just surf to and you’ll easily find out either this band will please your or not! 

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)