Metal To Infinity

With a mysterious intro, bombastic and searching for a climax, this album takes off. Scavanger is a band from Germany and since ages this is the Mecca if we talk about Metal. Germany never lost its leading role in the scène, like the US was forced too and so one after another German band releases their album. To be clear; this is the band’s debut and they found a ‘save place’ at Rock It Up Records.  

Fans of what we call Teutonic Metal will easily like this band. Grave Digger, Running Wild, Sinner, Stormwitch and hundreds of others have played this kind of Metal before and so it’s pretty obvious Scavanger isn’t at all an original band. The arrangements are pretty predictable and all the time you’ll have the feeling that the climax will never come. It won’t after all, this ain’t the kind of band that is able to take you by the throat nor are they as good as the original bands in this typical German style. 

Nevertheless it is clear some true Metal fans are member of Scavanger. Influenced by the bigger bands like Accept and Iron Maiden (an important slice of NWOBHM influences can be heard) they deliver the listener one after another decent song. None of these musicians have exceptional skills but that doesn’t mean they’re not able to please the listener with some great Heavy Metal. This is the kind of band you’d like to see on a True Metal fest before the favorite ones arrive on stage. It will fill your time, will attend you to what happens on stage and keep you into the venue.  

I suppose it’s clear that Scavanger is to me a middle of the road band, an honest meaning I hope no one will be shocked. Nevertheless they’re worth checking out at or  

My Points: 72 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)