Metal To Infinity

About Death Metal – well, I was pretty hooked on late in the 80s / early nineties but as the years passed by and this type of music became faster, more brutal,… when it came to Grindcore I’ve had enough of it. Gory, grunt-esque vocals are not my alley, not even close! I say yes to aggressive vocals and I’d like to say no to all vocal use so called brutal to the extreme or guys singing their stuff grunt minded! Here’s an example to express myself a little bit better: compare Mille (Kreator) with Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway from Napalm Death… huge difference between both vocalists’ way of singing to me! 

I just like to mention it because next band to review hailing us from Western Australia, exist from four members – “Welcome To The End Of The World” is their third and brand new effort released by Soundmass Records. Never heard of the band before, neither I did about the label but never mind – let’s give these Aussies some exposure… 

Formed by the bro’s Todd (vocals / guitar) and David Killgalon (drums) in 2006. Started as a three piece unit – in 2008 they got company from an excellent guitar player named Dan Holmes, also a new bassist named Simon Hoggett joined forces later on. Once again, never heard of Scourged Flesh before – the new album mostly become described as brutal Death Metal but as for me the band means more than just this way consideration. 

Pure aggressive vocals in the vein of Jeff Walker (Carcass) – and yeah, I'm a fan of Jeff’s vocal use since the albums “Heartwork” and “Swansong”. Scourged Flesh brings on their songs in a very gifted way – I'm impressed the band’s guitar duties too. Technical, melodic, awesome solo’s… many times, Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Candlemass,…) lingers on. Good point to me because I'm a big fan of Michael’s axe attacks, always been by the way!  

“Welcome To The End Of The World” has a fantastic production to enjoy. Greasily and sordid, heavy as can be and that is what an album like this asks for. Ten excellent Death / Thrash Metal works played with devastating powers and many forms of explosive energies… watch out for breathtaking guitar tasks too! To compare Scourged Flesh, I would mention in the first place Carcass – secondly I’d like to announce Canadian Quo Vadis also because of their technical skills and quite the same manner of aggressiveness.  

The band wanted the record a new, brutal Metal album and in some ways they succeed completely… even more than that – they just created a genius Melodic  Death / Thrash Metal product to me. Go take a look at:

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)