Metal To Infinity

Nightwish was a source of inspiration for a lot of bands, no doubts about it! I remember I was under their spell since the very first time I’ve heard the CD and ever since Tarja Turunen is my favorite female singer. Also since this band was formed, plenty of other bands  all over the globe, tried to imitate the band but to be honest not one band ever succeeded  in that goal. Mostly the vocals couldn’t compete with Tarja’s angelic vocal sound, in other cases the musicians weren’t able to deliver equal qualified song writing.


No, I don’t want to accuse Scythe Of Orion at once but because of the fact they’re from Finland I couldn’t resist writing this down. I don’t actually know if this band is out to clone Nightwish, I even doubt it. Okay, musical wise there are sometimes a few similarities but vocal wise I hear a far different band. This band delivers emotional and melodic Heavy Metal. Mostly they search for slower songs, tracks that are written to touch the soul, often like Pavlov’s Dog did so many years ago! Mix this band with a modern Gothic Metal band and you can imagine what kind of music this band plays.


Scythe Of Orion has Ana Kaunisto as their front woman. She has no angelic though a special voice. Especially on “Shadowland” I am astonished. Not particular the best voice I’ve had ever heard but damn, this song in combination with the voice is reminding me to Abba. Abba? The ultra popular Pop-band from the eighties en seventies? Yes. As a matter of fact this is a huge compliment because Abba still is one of the best Pop bands ever and no one can deny how good the songwriting of this band is.


Scythe Of Orion convinces me with their song writing to and also on “Journey” this girl’s voice is reminding me to Agnetha from Abba. Okay, Agnetha was an exceptional talent and I can’t say Ana Kaunisto owns the same skills but I like the way she sings. On the other hands there are vocal lines that sound too much like Regina Spektor to me, another Pop diva and to be honest this isn’t exactly my cup of tea. To be honest this kind of vocal lines are, for me, too difficult to get into. Maybe some more variation in the voice is necessary!


Another strong point are the use of violins and piano parts in the songs; they fit very well although sometimes there is some kind of exaggeration. Both instruments are giving an emotional touch to each song. Add a good guitarist and I promise you Scythe Of Orion delivers a good product although there are some points to work at. Check this band at:  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)