Metal To Infinity

Strange band! On the one hand I hear ultra melodic tunes and on the opening track I even hear some raw Metal! Seasons Lost? Never heard of them… From the US? Yes, from Coral Springs and if you will ever see this CD you will be attracted because of its front cover, nice! Actually this is the band’s debut album and it is clear in a few notes this is a very talented band! 

Take for example “The Big Empty”… A song that is very ‘easy in the ear’ and  could easily be a mainstream radio song. Listening to the entire CD I discover that almost every track could be on one or another alternative mainstream Radio show. Does it make Seasons Lost a good band? No, not exactly but no one can deny their talent in song writing and in musical performances! Tracks like “Dry Ground”, Taken Away”  and “Forever” are mellow enough to be heard by a bigger crowd.  

On the other hand the opening track “To Hell And Back” contains some groovy, pure Metallic parts and it shows another face of the band. You can find some more Groovy Metal on this record but to be honest it isn’t at all my cup of tea! The reason is that I’m not into this kind of growls and I prefer pure singing or even darker grunts on these kind of tunes … A second reason is that I have never been the biggest fan of this kind of modern groovy Metal sound that especially mainstream Metal fanzines seems to support. Well, it made plenty of bands popular. Seasons Lost declares not to be a pure Metal band anyway… In reality they mix genres and emotions and it makes this CD not exactly easy to get into. 

Talking about the face of the band the picture of singer Shaie Mason, at their page, could make you believe he’s a raw and evil 100% pure Metal front man. This man looks soooooo fucking Metal on this picture but listening to this CD I can tell you he ain’t this kind of man at all. He has a fantastic and clear voice and his vocal possibilities are wide ranged, even impressive. His performances are amazing and I’m sure this man could be striking in a typical Metal band! On this release you will hear the softer side of his voice which is, as I’ve said before, imposing. On the other hand you will discover more extreme vocal lines but I’m not exactly a fan of his kind of aggressive growls. Anyway he is an amazing singer, period!  

The further I go into this CD the more I discover that Seasons Lost delivers Hard Rocking music, maybe at some points some groovy Heavy Metal but overall with the goal to produce a sweet or  mainstream sound. Often I have the feeling the band is still searching for its own identity but I could be wrong. The songs are well written and contains influences of the nineties Rock and Metal scene. I’m not particular familiar with this kind of music but maybe Live, Therapy, Pearl Jam, Volbeat etc. are possible points to associate the band with. Talking about the Metal side of the band Pantera and plenty of modern groovy Metal bands are things I am thinking about… Anyway this formation contains good musicians and especially the guitar sessions are remarkable, even extraordinary. Some outstanding and catchy solos can be heard on this one! 

Seasons Lost delivers a bizarre album to me, one I can hardly rate… Although every single song has its own character and strong points the totality of this CD doesn’t convince me at all. Great songwriters, good musicians, a band with plenty of capabilities but for some unidentified reason not convincible enough to me. I suppose the fact the lack of some dark and attractive atmosphere is responsible for it… Maybe their search to deliver a mainstream and alternative sound makes it impossible to believe in them. Great musical performances by every single member but for some reason uninspired. I miss a ‘soul’ in this band... I’m 100% sure a lot of the listeners will be impressed more than I am and will rate this album at least ten points higher, so take a listen yourself! Check  

My points : 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)