Metal To Infinity

The reunion of Sentinel Beast wasnít the biggest news in the Metal scŤne but it always feels good when Eighties bands are back. The band appeared on one of the editions of the Keep It True festival and Iíve even witnessed them in front of Omen, in a little city near my hometown. Sentinel Beast was responsible for an obscure debut album and especially fans of the underground Metal movement were fond of them!  

Debbie Gun is still their front woman and although time changed her looks, her voice is still mean and vicious. Itís the main reason why this band has always been attractive to pure Heavy Metal fanatics. Their combination of Thrashy riffs and those dark Metal arrangements still have their power. Barry Fishel left the band to form Fichelís Beast but it didnít stop Debbie to continue with the band, searching some youngsters to replace the former musicians. As far as I know a new album is still planned but meanwhile this release is ready to be discovered.  

This record contains old demos from which the production is a bit empowered. The eighties sound is overall still present and for those who donít know the band it might sound dated. Listening to this disc Iím transported back in time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Fans of Sentinel Beast will witness again some outstanding US Speed / Power Metal. Only ďDepths Of DeathĒ is familiar to them because it was the title track of their first official record but for the rest Ďnewí songs are awaiting. The songwriting is good and Iím sure with a clear and new production the tracks would sound even more overwhelming, as far as they wouldnít lose their magic! 

The strength of this album is indeed the fact that this dark atmosphere, that makes Eighties Metal so incredible striking, is still present! I still canít get enough of this sound but the reason I grew up with it has a lot to do with it!  

Stormspell Records offers a good release by these old time underground heroes and adds a great booklet with it. Old pictures and lyrics are foreseen, also a biography of the band is added. If everything youíve read in this review pleases you there isnít a reason not purchasing this one. Check or  

My Points : 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)