Metal To Infinity

Septic Christ was founded in the Southern part of German by a bunch of guys really into Thrash Metal. It was back in late 2007 / early 2008, Septic Christ had a mission to complete – taking the world by storm with their own way of Metal so called Thrash! A bit later on, the band has heard with the release of a three track demo entitled “Pleasures Of The T.H.R.A.S.H.” and you can better take this titled for real. Available on CD but also on cassette tapes, just like in the good old days, remember? Thrash Metal maniacs those who like their stuff mean and pure liked the demo – starting from there, Septic Christ has been linked to favourable reactions from press / media as well. Excellent start for the band and more was well underway… a debut album “Infected Existence” appeared in May 2009 and was highly praised within the underground Metal movement. Septic Christ might be unknown for some of you out there but take it from me that their these guys know how to Thrash for sure! 

A very well done debut album has always requires for a follow-up so Septic Christ did what their fanbase longed for – to record a brand new album, meanwhile unleashed through Malevolence Records (California, USA). CEO ‘Nate of this label delivers a great job releasing, besides Septic Christ, also a few other worthy and highly recommended works coming from Kaos, Absentia, T.C.F. and Mat At Sam. Each one of these releases has loads of aggression and power on board but once again, worshippers of Thrash Metal will have a blast while checking out these mentioned troops of thrashing steel. 

Back to Septic Christ and their new output “Guilty As Were Born” – well, talking about fast and furious kinda Bay Area style Thrash Metal… the album completely defined what I’m trying to tell you here. Damn sure, the album kills, rips and destroy all the sickness in the world. Violent aggression that burns from within – obviously, they want to bring a message to the outside, to me mostly fucked up world of today. Titles like: ‘Screwed And Ill’, ‘Welcome To The Championship Of Corruption’, ‘Exile The Leaders’ and ‘Political Playground’ underline the fact. Make your own position hard while making Metal music is a very good point -  do not mince your own word, just spit it out no matter what it takes. 

The titletrack is actually an intro followed by eleven new songs able to blow you apart. “Guilty As Were Born” takes me back into the good old days of US Thrash Metal and genius acts like Atrophy, Demolition Hammer, Crumbsuckers, early Sacred Reich / Anthrax / Nuclear Assault, Kaos,  and Sacrifice. Aggressive, harsh vocals that spares nothing or nobody… in full force and fully merciless, he spits aggression right into your face. Awesome thrashing guitar rhythms including fast solo’s to be sharp as a knife from the beginning till the end. Occasionally, there are some less rapid moments to gasping for air and believe me, you will need it. The album offers mainly aggression and speed but another interesting fact to mention is that Septic Christ is definitely able to build up their songs spontaneously and determined! 

Real good album for those not afraid to go hard and fast – I would urge to order Septic Flesh’s new album “Guilty As We Were Born” to all die-hard Thrash Metal maniacs quickly through THIS link. Along with Kaos, Absentia and T.C.F., Septic Flesh will play at the Metal Over Oostrozebeke Festival (Belgium) at July 7th. 2012. More info on the festival HERE. Killer Thrash Metal album reflecting a Bay Area character! 

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)