Metal To Infinity

This is the newest from the camp of French label Emanes Metal Records and I hasten to add that Denmark based Serpent Saints’ “All Things Metal” is the best product the company has released so far. Both guitar players Martin Impaler and Simon Constrictor formed the band in 2004, in earlier times they played together in a Black Metal act Ad Noctum as well as they offered their skills to another formation named Bone. Apparently the time was right to play a different style of music and preferred to go on offering old school Heavy Metal music to the masses. 

There was a line-up composed, the bandname Serpent Saints was chosen and onward they go playing nothing but cover songs of mainly Priest Twisted Sister and Maiden. That was just a start, a kick off actually but they want more – writing down their own songs and finding a full-fledged occupation was highly regarded. Two years after Serpent Saints was born to raise hell, they found the right players on the right spot. Ryan D’Molisher became a full member as bassist, Lars Olrik (drums) and the new singers’ nickname was ‘Therapist’.  As far as I know, Serpent Saints released only one MLP entitled “Leather Lucifer” and participated on the “Tribute To Sabbat” album with a song called ‘Darkness And Evil’. They also played many gigs / festivals in their homeland Denmark, France and Belgium. Everyone that saw these guys live on stage can testify that every show were offered in a very dynamic mode featuring pure, all things Metal! Next week-end, the 2nd and 3rd of March 2012 they will play in Greece at Up The Hammers Festival! 

One of the shows they did in the past was to support Danish legends Artillery but due to some mental issues of frontman Therapist, Serpent Saints was forced to search for a replacement. I do not know who completed the task back then but Serpent Saints played a strong live act that night. In order to create a new album it wasn’t that easy to find a new singer – first they decided to record the new effort with the help from a bunch of so called guest musicians but all turned out totally different. It was Artillery frontman Soren Adamsen who popped up with the ultimate proposal – namely he offered his great singing skills to Serpent Saints, an offer the band couldn’t refuse.  Soren entered the Artillery ranks along with the release of “My Blood” (2011) and showed that he really is a damn good singer with a high efficiency!  Proverbially said: “the ball was through the church”, Soren Adamsen was the new singer for the entire new Serpent Saints album entitled “All Things Metal”. Better take this title for truth because pure Classic Heavy Metal is coming your way out! 

“All Things Metal” brings nine tracks, one of them is a Mercyful Fate over called ‘Come To The Sabbath’… asking for my opinion on this version, I can be very short and tell you all that Serpent Saints deliver very well job. Vocals not comparable with almighty King Diamond but believe me when I say that the entire band has other benefits in store to surprise you on several occasions. Again – Serpent Saints brings everything to do with Heavy Metal such as it all started way back in the early eighties and I’m very excited about that! Opener ‘Revenge From The North’ is hard and rough, straight from the heart, unpolished old school Heavy Metal song with a singer that shows immediately how good he really is. Aggressive screams alternating with standard, clean but harsh vocal lines…I’m in!  

Another positive note on the band has to do with both guitar players… these guys acting so pure while delivering outstanding riffs and  solo works, I won’t describe it as full shredding but it’s full pleasure hearing both individuals doing their stuff. Some of the riffs do reminds me of the good old days of the NWOBHM scene! Speaking for myself, I really like the fast ‘Lucifers Hand’ featuring numerous smooth tempo changes… a delight to the ear. A deadly scream and a superb guitar riffing open up the track ‘Witchunt’ in full glory. Halfway this piece, the band inserted somekind of a breather / a break with female vocals of Monika Pedersen (Sinphonia / ex-Sirenia) – all in all a very well built up piece, actually a piece of evidence that Serpent Saints is capable of fine material to be delivered. On ‘All Things Metal’ it’s time to raise up our bucket of beer and call out the words METAL RULES! The start of last track ‘The Hangedman’s Song’ do reminds me of legendary Warlord fame and their phenomenal composition of ‘Deliver Us’.  The trick is to keep a long track interesting, many of these songs lose their identity or strength after some running time but this is not the case with Serpent Saints. They know how to maintain my attention optimum which is a great point and very potential for the future of the band. 

Well, I really had a wonderful time listening to “All Things Metal” from Serpent Saints. Personally speaking, I still love old school Metal with all of my heart – these Denmark lads actually bring a tribute used to the sound of the 80s so… Both US and European Classic Heavy Metal defenders are recommended to order this product right on. Great band – very strong effort!! Check: and order at:  

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)