Metal To Infinity

With a name like this, itís obvious that this band is hailing from Italy!  Sesta Macaroni, Iím sorry, Marconi is a very surprising newcomer as far as Iím concerned.  This band surprised me from the very first tones till closing track ĎBlasted In Summertimeí!  What a potential and what a great arrangements. Sesta Marconi is the band that is experimenting with older Doom Metal sounds and nowadays, modern technology and approach.  They have a fantastic vocalist called Sergio who succeeds in bringing the lyrics in a non-Italian style. His vocal chords fit really well with the instrumental exploration which means that the songs of Sesta Marconi are a real disclosure and delight! 

There are 7 songs on ĎWhere The Devil Dancesí, and the anthem or masterpiece can be picked out by the track ĎVanitas (The Leper Queen)í, which takes almost 12 minutes. Needless to say that we hear a lot of different musical directions without losing grip on the original idea.  This band is one of the best Stoner / Doom / Metal bands that I have heard from Italy!   

The four guys of Sesta Marconi fit like a glove and the guitarwork of Stefano is combined with the slowly dragging drumming part of Giuseppe, furthermore we get a stomping bass of Nico.  These four men did their homework with bravura! Some might consider that doom metal is too slow to listen to the whole time, but when you add enough variety, bring on different angles or points of view; itís crystal clear that you will end up with a product that will please the masses.  Sesta Marconi is the perfect example that an album can take 55 minutes without one moment of boredom. 

Although this is the bandís debut album, they already recorded an EP in 2008. If my info is correct, some songs that featured on that EP are also recorded for this first output.  So, letís end this review with a very positive quote: trumpet forth someoneís praises!  

My rating: 87 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)