Metal To Infinity

From Italy; Seven Gates! The beautiful front cover made me expect that some Progressive Metal was heading my way but after the first spin I knew that wasn’t exactly correct. Seven Gates is an Italian Power Metal band in vein of Angra, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Helloween etc. In other words this is pure European Power Metal! I am fanatic when we talk about US Power Metal, the European Power Metal never pleased me the same way. Nevertheless I can mention easily some outstanding European releases. Talking about Manticora’s “Darkness With Tales To Tell”, Vision Divine’s “Stream Of Consciousness” or both Lost Horizon albums. And yes, also the Brazilian Angra released fantastic albums, talking about “Fireworks” as one of the gems in my collection. Although I’m not the biggest fan I have to admit Helloween and Blind Guardian released some ‘classic ones’ in this particular genre… 

I suppose you’re asking why I am mentioning this. It’s easy; Franko of Rock It Up Records wondered if I would like European Power Metal because he knows I am an US Metal fanatic. Yes, in some cases I do like this kind of bands but I admit it takes more energy to get into this kind of CD’s. The opening track “Message To The Stars” is a typical fast European Power Metal song which means that you’ll hear fast riffs, lightning guitars and clean vocals. The keyboards play easily along with the technical used guitars but even more remarkable on this song are the fine acoustic guitars in the middle. It proves that Seven Gates contains some great musicians. Also the solo is awesome, played with a pure sense of emotions; Yes, this is a great song to start with although you will have the feeling that it sounds already familiar. I am more into “Vengeance”, the double bass drums and the up tempo rhythm is more the kind I like. Seven Gates sounds a bit more aggressive at this point. In “I Don’t Believe” Seven Gates starts with an extra emotional touch, followed by some great Heavy Metal! Frederico Puleri owns a good voice for this kind of Metal and is easily comparable with other singers from this particular genre. 

“The Dragon’s Kiss” is a bit too cliché for me, musical wise and if we mention the lyrics. Especially the arrangements and the duets between keyboards and guitars are typical, too typical if you would ask me. “Ride The Wild” instead is a far much better song. Frederico Puleri proves once more being a good singer, especially his higher notes are very enjoyable! The descriptions, musical wise, I’ve mentioned before counts for the entire CD. I wouldn’t be surprised these guys are actually classical schooled.  Fans of this kind of Metal shouldn’t doubt buying this one, satisfaction guaranteed. Other songs that pleased me were “Freedom”, the fantastic “Cry Of Efestus” and “17”. Also a bonus track (demo-version) is added. 

Well, I suppose I can’t be more clear about this album. Fans of bands likes Stratovarius, Labyrinth, Sonata Arctica can easily pick this second CD from these Italians up. All ingredients for a good Euro-oriented Power Metal CD are present and it’s up to you to purchase it or not. Check  

My Points : 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)