Metal To Infinity

Every time I hear news about the fact one of my favorite singers is present on a new album I can’t wait to hear the release, longing for the CD for months. The new Seventh Reign was heading my way and it made me thrilling. Finally, today, the post man delivered me the package and it took only a few seconds to open it for the first listen. I suppose not everybody is familiar with 7th Reign but since the very first Eidolon record I consider myself as a big fan of Brian Soulard, which makes you understand my behavior.   

The very first 7th Reign was a very strong album and I remember I’ve rated it very high a few years ago. Until today this CD makes its spins once and a while; some tracks were unbelievable, mighty, mind blowing! It took a while for the release of this new record but finally here it is. First thing that amazes me is the fact that the band didn’t find a label. How on earth is this possible? I know musical tastes are very difficult to discuss but I really don’t understand the strategy of most record labels…  Whatever could be a good excuse for not giving this band a contract?!  No arguments I suppose… This is FIRST CLASS METAL god damned !!! The reason that I am mentioning this is because you all should try this band out if you’re into first class Progressive Power Metal.  

The production is the first thing I’d like to talk you about! This is how a good Metal album should sound in my opinion. Maybe for some it will sound a bit too polished but if you consider the fact that 7th Reign delivers so many progressive elements the band had no other way. This kind of music needs a clean sound and it is almost impossible to create a sound!  

If we mention the song writing I can’t give any critics! Each song is well balanced, good written, the arrangements are intelligent and the variation in them are subtle yet exciting from the beginning until the end. To me the stability between power, musical highlights, melody and emotional elements are well chosen. It is especially the intelligence of the band that attracts me so much! The sound can be described as being both expressive and melodic, especially in the vocal and guitar sections as a result of a perfect harmonized layering. 

The guitars? Astonishing as I mention the spectacular, often sophisticated riffs and miraculous guitar solos. These solos are fast fingered, often shredding but every time foreseen with so many  emotions that it really is a ‘piece of cake’ to recognize Marios Panayiotis as a first class guitar player. The subtle balance between all instruments, including keyboards, proves once more how academic this band is. As it should be in a Metal band the guitar is the main instrument and the sound of it is amazing, helping the band lift to the highest level. 

And the vocals? One word; wow! Brian Soulard is a top singer! You don’t believe what I say? Well, just listen to the title track to be convinced! The intro, the way he sings the refrains and choruses, his screams; all are impressive! Add the fact that Brian knows how to combine his clear and beautiful vocal sound with a wide range of emotional expressions! His talent is  present in every song! As I’ve said before it was Eidolon, still one of my favorite bands, that made me discover Brian Soulard and once more he proves me right to consider him as a great vocalist! How I am longing for a reunion concert of Eidolon on one of those mighty German True Metal festivals! 

None of the songs are predictable and 7th Reign even created an own sound thanks to the vocals and the typical arrangements. People who own the first album will easily recognize the band and will have no trouble  accepting my statement that 7th Reign wrote a real masterpiece! Talking again about the song “Fallen Empires” I need to say this is one of the best I heard in many months; what a surprising, overwhelming and extraordinary track! 7th Reign also creates a dark, often a ‘cold shivering’ atmosphere (thanks to the remarkable and fantastic keyboards); “The Other Side” and the instrumental “Requiem For The Dead” are perfect examples! 

 In my local Metal shop I had a talk yesterday about the oversaturated Metal scène; it’s a fact. Nevertheless it will be hard finding this CD in your stores and that’s such a shame. This record deserves a special place in my collection, that’s for sure! Oh yes, this review is ultimate positive and I don’t care if you consider me objective or not! The beautiful cover and booklet is another reason to buy this gem at  or

MY POINTS: 97 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)