Metal To Infinity

Shadow Eden is a three piece band from Lindenhurst, New York that is formed a while ago by ex-Lazarus guitar player Dave Mercado. Lazarus was a brilliant US Power Metal band and to make up your mind on their album “Episode One”, check out THIS link. Lazarus is no longer active but the great news is that ex-members Ron Percelli (bass) and Dave Mercado (guitars) are still good friends nowadays – they even work together on regular times. Ron formed his own project called Desdemon – as for David Mercado, I'm proud to spread the word of his new project called Shadow Eden! A very first EP loaded with six songs is available now via: better check this homepage, especially is you’re hooked on full instrumental compositions. 

I'm convinced about the fact Dave Mercado is a world class guitarist – magical tricks are hidden deep within his fingertips. He stole my attention in times of the band Lazarus where he played with technical power, melody and elegance… with one hand in its pocket he served loads of outstanding guitar tricks. For sure, Dave’s a natural born shred guitar wonder – Power Metal he offered with his former band Lazarus – his new project Shadow Eden brings on something totally different. Nothing but instrumental works added to the debut EP, all those longing for pure technical tracks ranging from guitar driven Progressive Rock / Metal to more Fusion, kinda funky or jazzy elements are audible. Damn right you gotta be very top notch skilled to let it all be done in a successful mode… like Shadow Eden does! 

Take a good listen to both bass and drum lines I can only be extremely satisfied. Kenny Weydener is able to let speak his bass guitar while delivering the most well-looked  tactics – people always have the intention not to take care of the bass moves, just like they gives a damn about but to me – it’s very important to have a bass player in charge who knows how to handle this instrument as it should be. Wanna hear a demonstration or an example what a world class bassist is all about? Check out Kenny from Shadow Eden! The band’s drummer named Kenny Lane helps you out if you don’t know the real meaning of highly appreciating and full technical drumworks! 

Endorsed by Charvel guitars, Morley pedals , Dave Mercado’s method of guitar picking pleases me completely – especially when his guitar starts to scream and roar in a more Metal way, blood runs through my veins like a bullet from a loaded shotgun. Yeah right, I'm addicted to Shred Guitar tactics! On the CD quite a lot Fusion elements are present which is not that pleasant for me. The players deliver an outstanding job one by one – unfortunately those Fusion moves aren’t able to spoil my ears. But there is enough for me to enjoy while playing the entire debut effort from Shadow Eden, let that be clear. An instrumental album made for those on the hunt for something really technical minded. Worth to check out for sure at: /  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)