Metal To Infinity

This kind of Funeral Doom Metal isnít exactly my cup of tea. Nevertheless I took my time for this release and to be honest I have mixed feelings after a few spins. At the one hand Iíve heard some outstanding musical arrangements, on the other hand this kind of music has so many  difficult elements it kind of bores me. Iíve heard several of this kind of bands before and time after time they depress me far too much and to be honest Iím not exactly in the mood to listen to this kind of music. 

But yes, there were points where this Greek band touched my soul. Some pieces made me understand why fanatics adore this kind of Metal so much. The most cruel and intense parts are impressive and I suppose these guys they were in Hades (Nekromanteion Ė The Oracle Of Death) while they wrote this album. Believe me that especially those sinister and dark emotional parts are worth checking Shattered Hope out. At some points the band made me calm, even depressive but on a pleasant way if you know what I mean. It shows these guys are talented enoughÖ 

This is indeed another kind of Greek heavy Metal Iíve discovered and musical wise this album has enough to offer. Itís a pity, to me, the songs often takes too long and miss a lack of variation to stay enjoyable all the time. The red line I often talk about, got it? This music is far too difficult to hold the listenerís attention, with shorter songs it could have been worked out.  

Anyway these guys have for sure the opportunities and the skills to surprise us in the future but I think only on CD. I admit Shattered Hope made me open my eyes for this kind of music and therefore Iíd like to thank them, honestlyÖ. Not enough to be genial but good enough to give these guys at least a shot by checking them out at  

My points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)