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Shatter Messiah, well it’s actually a shame on me it took so long adding the review for their second output “God Burns Like Flesh” to our homepage! I guess this release saw the crack of dawn somewhere in 2008 – a couple of years later, I’m here with my own thoughts on the album… sorry for the delay but great Metal music is timeless so…  

In 2007 Shatter Messiah surprised me completely with the release of “Never To Play The Servant” – to me a fantastic US Power Metal output offered by a bunch of well skilled musicians such as guitar player Curran Murphy (ex-Nevermore & Annihilator) and excellent singer Greg Wagner aka Wags (also in H.A.T.E., The Greg Wagner Project, Breaker USA). I truly liked Shatter Messiah’s debut album that much, I gave the product a well-deserved high score of 94 / 100 in the end. 

I missed the boat regarding the follow-up “God Burns Like Flesh” but I’m glad to make it all up to the band this time – I gave the entire tracklist a few spins so far and honestly I can tell that the songs just take me by the throat. Damn, this is something really awesome… can I consider “God Burns Like Flesh” better than the debut album? I’d like to say whole-hearted ‘Hell Yeah! To me, it isn’t necessary to make this review quite long… I ‘d like to keep it short instead telling that you won’t explore one single element that doesn’t fit  the other. Dark minded, groovy tuned guitar riffs with explosive finger scorching guitar solo’s so called shred tactics… really awesome on every area! 

I truly am a fan of Wags’ vocal use for sure and definitely like to describe the guy as one of my favourite all time US Metal vocalists. Some people make comparison with Warrel Dane and in some ways, I'm fully agree with that. At the other side, I’d like to say that Shatter Messiah’s singer has a lot of his own capacities / talents too such as he proved in the past with great bands like H.A.T.E. and Breaker (check them out please!).  

‘Idolator’ opens the album in glory with almighty, boiling as the pits of hell guitar duties, superb vocals, thunderous bass lines and killing drum parts. All in one – Shatter Messiah delivers it all in a top-notch manner! The title track is a next assault on your US Power Metal soul – shines brightfully on many fronts… the song is separated in two parts and can be considered as amazing stuff! And there is more – a lot more actually such as the killer one ‘Stripped Of Faith’ (what a song!), two tracks with a running time above 7 minutes: ‘Buried In Black’ and ‘Tomorrow Immortal’ – works those including nothing but fantastic moves ranging from rapidly / aggressive to calm passages, tons of melodies, breathtaking rhythms both fast and slow, mega-good vocal offerings,…  should I go on like this?! It obviously seems nothing can’t go wrong on the great “God Burns Like Flesh” album. 

Production delivered in a quite modern way, heavy and groovy – normally seen, I prefer a good old style and not too polished sound colour but what the hell… I just had the time of my life enjoying Shatter Messiah’s second effort “God Burns Like Flesh” made for US Power Metal addicts not afraid to swallow slices of dark progressive and thrashing elements also. Without an album like this, don’t try to call yourself a Power Metal addict… fans of Nevermore, Metal Church, Havochate, Helstar (“Nosferatu” era)… take it!  Check out there official homepage right HERE... also take a look at Shatter Messiah's Myspace while pounding THIS spot!

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)