Metal To Infinity

To the question how beautiful and impressive Metal music can be I'm sure I got the answer – it calls Shredding The Envelope and hails us all from the United States Of America! Actually kinda strange name  for a band but their style of Metal is simply awesome, magnificent, brilliant or whatever… “The Call Of The Flames” is a killer effort worked out by a man named Dave Reffett, a genius riff master from Boston. 

Picked up a guitar at the very young aged of 13, practised fingers to the bone as years passed by – now, many years later on Dave can be named as just another world class guitarist with a lot to offer to enjoy with full force. Don’t know for sure if Dave played in other bands before but we will discuss that point during an interview I will set up one of these days so keep an eye on our interviews section once in a while! 

Shredding The Envelope is Daves’s debut, solo album featuring guest musicians I’d like to bow down for out of full respect. To me, STE is an all star Metal band featuring heavyweight champs like Chris Poland & Glen Dover from Megadeth, the almighty powerplay riff master Joe Stump, George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro) and drummer Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme and Annihilator). Imagine a graduated, over the top gifted musician like Dave Reffett surrounded by such a great bunch of so called guest musicians – be sure like you were never be before… Shredding The Envelope brings you nothing but overwhelming and highly appreciated guitar driven, shredding to the core Metal music in full force. 

Brainchild Dave Reffett is besides his genius virtuosity also in charge as vocalist and I don’t know where in the name of Christ he learned to sing, this can’t be his first duty as singer – the vocal deliveries on “The Call Of The Flames” are extraordinary good and especially very strong. Sometimes singing on the rough edge, Dave’s one hell of a great frontman to me but the way he handles a guitar – well, I just call him a natural born shredding machine gun! 

Mudrock (Alice Cooper, Godsmack,…) mixed the album up – the mastering process was in hands of George Marino (Kiss, Metallica, AC/DC). Grammy nominated engineer Jon Lammi has recorded the effort… in the end Dave and his female companion and visionary artist Nance Taylor took the leading hand in the production of “The Call Of The Flames”… final result, WESOME! 

With a running time of more than 50 minutes you better should be prepared for excellent Metal music ranges from Heavy to Power Metal - every now and than it’s pedal to the metal time with a few devastating songs taking the fast lane straight on to deliver high velocity Speed Metal. Guitar masters playing heavy / power / speed or thrash guitar riffs – I goddamn like it and especially when all these are offered by a bunch of world class, true icons of Metal… I'm feeling the most lucky bastard on earth! Influences I’ve heard throughout the album come from Megadeth, Annihilator mainly but I also enjoyed slices of early Metallica / Pantera, Frankenshred and Slayer too. Please don’t think the album is copying others – hell no, the songs are only based on Dave’s idols I suppose and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

A gathering of famous Metal musicians turned out into something brilliant. Dave Reffett lives for Metal since day of birth – a true fan he always will be, loaded with so many good ideas, right spirit and impressive guitar skills he can reach the top undoubtedly! I’d like the shut down with the words of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: “A must have album for guitar fans”. All further info at:  /  

MY POINTS: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)