Metal To Infinity

Sometimes, things can go hard! Not so long ago, I received the debut album (Perversion LTD) of Sin7Sins from Holland. That album was above the average with now and then a real highlight. My conclusion was simple: this is a band that needs to keep an eye on. Well, this week, I received already the successor ‘Carnival Of No Tomorrow’, nearly 12 months after the previous release. For some bands, the time in between 2 albums, can’t be short enough after each other, with a disappointing result at the end. Concerning Sin7Sins, we can immediately reassure as they seem be very inspirational!  The new album is one highlight of great music with a lot of variety.

For example, if you like songs with a really good speed, we suggest ‘Carnivores At Carnival’, ‘Revolt Tonight’ and ‘Brimstone Ignition’. Those that need a ballad-like approach, can switch to ‘Shadows & Dust’ and ‘Cyanide Symphony’, and ‘Sick Of You’ is a track with a great chorus line that will be used as a single release. Woow! What a variety in songs and, believe it or not, every track has its own feeling, and its own magic. Sin7Sins is ready for the big work and made a huge step forward in their career. How comes, what happened in between the first and this second album? Some magic and sorcery? A change in line up, or is it simple because we have to deal with a band that is full of craftsmanship? I guess, it will be the last mentioned factor that lifts this band to such heights! Accompanied with Dan Swano in their team for the mixing and producing of the album ánd Epica’s Mark Janssen for some guest vocals, result in an album that has no equal! 

The voice of Lotus is a perfect mix between female, sensitive vocals and extreme vocal chords that are able to go high and low. In some parts, there is even an industrial approach! As the vocals of Lotus are pretty unique, there are also moments that male overwhelming vocals interrupt Lotus’ escapades. Some songs have a mystical approach, even a sadistic approach when Lotus is using her skills! Listen to ‘Pornstar Love’, and you will get the point. In this track we have bombastic influences that meets electro in a very specified and original way! The front woman Lotus is an angel in disguise, a devil on high heels! The axe attacks of Gen Morphine and Tristan Hex have a venomous approach with deep scars as result, while the drums of Heresy 101 keep pounding and the bass of JD Acid keeps rolling. This band is one of the best releases from Holland in months, yes, perhaps even better that the new Epica (‘Requiem For The Indifferent’)! 

The band is releasing this album as a kind of independent Release on their own S7S record label, and we do hope that everyone will be in the possibility to obtain this Dutch masterpiece. A little strange that the debut album was released on Massacre records, while this one is an independent release. Anyhow you look at it: Sin7Sins is a name that emerged from the underground, ready to take you all by the throat with mystifying and intense Modern Metal. Sin7Sins homepage at: 

My rating: 91 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)