Metal To Infinity

The past week-end, I was totally hooked on one CD released through Shadow Kingdom Records – may I present you to the debut album of an American band named Sinister Realm. Make already notice of the fact – this elf titled effort took me by the throat first time listen to all the songs on it! 

This Pennsylvania originating, five piece unit was actually formed by ex-Pale Divine bassist John Gaffney and former Falcon / Pale Divine drummer Darin McCloskey in 2008. Singer Alex Kristof and guitar players John Kantner / Keith Patrick joined forces later on to complete a decent line-up. Locked and loaded with the right skills, good ideas and the signing of a record deal with Shadow Kingdom Records – the band entered the studio to record a first album… Actually Sinister Realm exist not yet this way long but you have my word on this: the album songs just amazing to me and these words coming straight from the bottom of my heart! 

People looking out for new, modern – so called nowadays Metal stuff… forget about it guys! Sinister Realm stands for pure American Classic Heavy Metal sometimes taking a Doom Metal direction. First observation, the band has a wonderful vocalist in my opinion. Loud and clear, walking the vocal tone ladder like a real professional (stable as can be)… once again, GREAT frontman! I know drummer from his former band Falcon so I know he’s got the right skilled to deliver nice hitting tactics. Ex Pale Divine bass shredder J. Gaffney has very gifted fingers… in perfect ways, he can stand his own ground playing heavy riffs in a manner it should be. About both guitarists, all things I’d like to hear from a great axeman are present so who’s the lucky one here? 

Dark and sinister look of the total packaging of this release speaks to the imagination, sound quality in real good condition so lets’ talk about the songs for a few lines. Well, the album starts with ‘The Oracle (Into The Depths Of Hell)’ that begins with guitar rhythms in the vein of Metallica’s ‘Am I Evil’ and ‘My Belief’ from Possessed. But that’s just a temporary situation… the song goes on in its own way – Classic Heavy Metal with no compromises! In a great early eighties tradition comes along the song ‘Machine God’… lower tempo but again with great vocals and delicious guitar use. Reaching the end of the track you will be attracted by a wonderful ‘break’! 

In a thrashy manner ‘The Demon Seed’ starts to play… fans of Jack Starr’s Guardian Of The Flame, Axehammer or Dofka better check out this great song. ‘March Of The Saint’ plays and again, I really have a great time! I don’t wanna fall into recurrence but Sinister Realm’s debut album sounds that brilliant, I simply can tell you that all the songs get a very high form of appreciation as I may speak for myself! ‘Enter The Sinister Realm’ shows a band offering a delicious instrumental that reminds me of early Fates Warning’s ‘Shadowfax’ (album: Night On Bröcken). Last one ‘The Circle Is Broken’ conquers my heart and soul in sort of an epic way. Vocal use temporary in the vein of King Diamond / early Rob Halford this time and bass lines akin to the sound of an early Manowar album entitled “Sign Of The Hammer”. 

Let me conclude with nothing but very promising words concerning Sinister Realm’s debut masterpiece – recommendable for each and every worshipper of American Classic Heavy Metal! At the end of December 2009 right, you’ll find back our favourite albums of this year at THIS place… as for myself, Sinister Realm definitely get a well deserved place in there! To convince yourself how good these guys really are, you can take a look / listen at their homepage at:    

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)