Metal To Infinity

No doubt about it, the majority of US Heavy / Speed Metal addicts must have heard of Seattle, WA based Skelator and their previously released efforts “Time Of The Sword Rulers” (2008) and “Death To All Nations” (2010). Both of them were released by Metal On Metal Records. Back then I provided a review of both albums - at the end of my reviews I just followed by heart and gave a very well deserved, highly appreciative rating! Skelator - creators of pure US steel - knew how to please me in the past with a lethal dose of excellent songs played as pure as can be. Now I’d like to present one of the newest 2012 Metal On Metal releases… It’s time to put on studs and leather for the third album of Skelator entitled “Agents Of Power”, including ‘Elric, The Dragon Prince – A Tale Of Tragic Destiny in 12 Parts’!

First I just want to underline the fact that Skelator have been delivering Metal to the masses for fourteen years now. The band always offered their style of Metal with full force, raw and, most importantly, straight from the heart – that’s the ultimate trademark of Skelator! During a time span of 14 years they kept their faith in the Epic Heavy / Speed Metal scene and that’s the evidence these guys are really passionate about the almighty forces of true steel in which I can find myself completely. My standpoint: “Once a Metal maniac – always a Metal maniac, no matter what it takes!”

“Agents Of Power” has a brilliant sound quality on offer; a Metal album must sound like this, very heavy and not too polished. It’s an effort split in two parts. The first 4 tracks bring high speed Metal anthems: the title track, ‘Gates Of Thorbardin’, ‘Dream Dictator’ and ‘Rhythm Of The Chain’. Well, they all allow you to sing along while pounding your fist up into the air and of course, you might start to bang your metal head as well! Songs like these is what Skelator is all about to me! But there is more, much more actually!

For the next 40 minutes, Skelator take you by surprise with something really good that especially fans of British Science Fiction / Fantasy author named Michael John Moorcock (who also co-operated with classic Rock bands like Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult) will appreciate. The next twelve songs on Skelator’s new album present in an epic way the story of this surreal figure, fantasy hero called Elric, The Dragon Prince. I’m sure you all will be surprised!

I knew that Skelator were able to play Metal as it should be but the new album goes further than that. During the entire epic “Elric: The Dragon Prince” I hear a band that has much more to offer than I initially thought. Jason Conde-Houston always managed to captivate my attention but some of the vocal parts on the new album are nearly taking my breath away. The combination of his high pitched screams and clear, kinda raw type of singing, gain my appreciation even more. Then we also can’t overlook the fact that the music itself shows an improvement all the way. Easy parts exploding in your face and after a while loads of melodic highlights offered by excellent guitar wielders, no matter if Skelator plays on speed or in a tempered mid-tempo way… I’m speechless – ultimately pleased with an album like “Agents Of Power”. This means METAL!

Superb output for all steel commanders longing for US True Heavy / Speed Metal! Fans of Agent Steel, old Maiden, Priest, Dio and Helstar, Forgotten Legacy, Axehammer, Sacred Steel or Italian based Epic masters Domine order your own copy at the Metal On Metal shop right
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My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)