Metal To Infinity

At the end of my review for Fallen Angel’s new album entitled “Angines Of Oppression” I spoke about a new load of albums released through Metal On Metal Records since July 2010 – well, here’s next and I'm pleased to present the new album from San Diego / Seattle based defenders of epic minded Speed / Heavy Metal Skelator. Formed back in 1998. During the first years of existence the band released a few self financed demo’s / EP’s – as a gift from above, they came in touch with Jowita Kaminska from Metal On Metal Records who offered them a well deserved deal…  Skelator’s first official work saw daylight by the title of “Time Of The Sword Rulers”. Feel free to read my opinion on the album right HERE. Make notice of the fact this effort is fulfilled with older songs, actually re-recordings from Skelator’s “Give Me Death Or Give Me Metal” demo and tracks taken from “Swords” EP / “Gore Of War” split album. 

So it was about time to create something brand new – even the fact that the band’s line-up is not solid as a rock the last few months, this time it seems like they found the right guys on the right place. What makes me so sure about that? Well, just listen to their new album “Death To All Nations” and make up your own Metal mind! 

Dropping the silver disc into my CD player, the index reflects eight songs… make a stand and be ready for at least 50 minutes of pure epic minded Heavy / Speed Metal from the United States which differs in my eyes completely from the European scene. Maybe because of my endless passion for American Metal music… who will say it?! Never mind about that… main point is that Skelator captives my full attention again. To all the great works I’ve heard on the new album, I’d like to say honestly the musical progression is remarkable. Skelator’s style of Metal music stayed intact or untouched but the manner they worked out the new tracks speak to my imagination. Listening closely to the musical details based on the guitar riffings, solos, vocals… chemistry in general, “Death To All Nations” offers nothing but the very best in Metal! 

Vocally wise, Skelator is absolutely superb – you’ve gotta be completely hooked on so called loud and very clear vocals with breath snapping high pitched shrieks. Singer Jason Conde-Houston way of singing is just fantastic to me – especially when he sings extremely high, shivers rolling down my backbone. There is one song really blows me away and that’s the almighty speed killer entitled ‘Circle Of Bloodshed’… awesome rhythms destroying my soul! ‘For Death And Glory’ means Epic Metal as it should be – what a great break somewhere in the middle of the track!). ‘Pure Rock And Roll’ starts and it felt like I was listening to the memorable guitar riff of an early Pantera song called ‘Heavy Metal Rules’ spiced with some good old Accept ingredients… do as the title tells you: Stand Up (For Rock And Roll)!

Skelator travelled around the world and shared so many stages to support soulmates such as Zandelle, Slough Feg, Aska, Primal Fear, Thor, Cage, Omen, Imagika, Taunted,… to many to mention them all. The world of True Heavy Metal won’t be complete without a band like Skelator so hopefully they will stay and spoil us all for a very long time. Fans of Sacred Steel, Overkill, Manowar, Axehammer, Agent Steel, Skullview should check out “Death To All Nations” right away.  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)