Metal To Infinity

Traditional Heavy Metal maniacs better watch out for Skull Fist, a 3-piece act from Toronto, Canada! As I see how many excellent Metal bands this part of the world offered up until now – well it’s always good to know the scene is still alive and kicking with new acts delivering their own ways of pounding Metal like Skull Fist. Formed in 2006 – besides a demo released a bit later on, “Heavier Than Metal” can be considered a their debut EP loaded with 5 straight up, right in your face Heavy Metal music! 

As written in multiple reviews those has been posted online, legends like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar or Accept were mentioned as Skull Fist influences. In some ways, I'm fully agree with that but according to my own opinion there is more to tell about Skull Fist’s way of Metal. “Heavier Than Metal” also reminds me of 80s Metal acts like Witchcross with the effort “Fit For Fight’ as well as very early Ratt / Motley Crue vibes crosses my mind. Especially Jackie Slaughter’s style of singing (make notice of the fact he’s also active as second guitar player in the band) has a very good point. His crystal clear / high pitched vocals cut through flesh and bone – brings the Classic Metal feel on top and I just like it a lot!  

True Classic Heavy Metal is Skull Fist’s name of the game mainly – worshipping defenders of Glam / Sleaze / Hair Metal and souls longing for slicing Power Metal will be spoiled too. Alice Thunderland’s chopping, hard kicking drumlines really good but besides a great singer, Skull Fist has another brilliant pawn in its ranks that listens to the name of Sir Shred. Definitely, you have to take the second part of his ‘nick’ name ‘Shred’ for real… I'm a fan of Metal shred guitar players and just met someone completely able to fulfil my desires. Damn right this guy is a true bringer of fast and technical guitar moves including shred tactics all the way out. 

The Skull Fist line-up seems very solid to me – about the five songs on the tracklist, I have to say that I'm completely satisfied. Skull Fist’s debut EP “Heavier Than Metal” is actually a big salute to the eighties Heavy Metal scene and all its glory which makes a goddamn happy person of myself. My first touch with Skull Fist turned out fantastic – I hope this effort what only an introduction of other works on the list to unleash within immense time. Music for true Heavy Metal chasers – purchase at:  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Stefan)