Metal To Infinity 

True Metal, that’s what this is all about when we talk about Skullview. This American band, based in Portage / USA, just released their fourth album and is a recommended one if you’re into Eighties Metal. As a matter of fact the underground of the US Metal scène never really vanished, they’ve only suffered hard times. Nevertheless True Metal is still available right there and Skullview is one of the examples. 

I missed their previous album but when I compare this one with the debut, called “Legends Of Valor”, I can’t say the band changed that much. It is even remarkable that the band members are still the same, even after at least 12 years Skullview never changed their team. I suppose it’s pretty hard to discover bands that never changed their line-up. It means their ideas are similar and these five lads have hardly any argues about the musical direction of the band.  

Anyway fans of traditional Metal (especially Iron Maiden) – even a bit dated -  will be satisfied. Skullview delivers the pure underground stuff and isn’t afraid using any of the Metal clichés, not musical wise and not lyrical wise. In what they’re doing they are strong enough to be convincible and therefore you should give these guys a chance. Compare them with what a lot of German true Metal bands are delivering but then far better. 

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)