Metal To Infinity

Itís rather unbelievable when we talk about NWOBHM that so many bands were formed in the early eighties, too many to mention. We know the most famous ones and we know most of the classics from bands that werenít able to break through. Believe me when I say there were much more gems to be discovered, albums from band we hardly know. And no, I didnít discover all of them either, I can be still surprised by hearing a formation I had never heard about before. One of those bands is Slander, a UK band that thanks to Stormspell Records prove that they were surely overlookedÖbut not in the Eighties because the band was formed in 1990. 

Stormspell Records by the way is becoming more and more a label that is specialized in the wide range of genres that we adored back then. Not only US Metal, also Doom, Thrash and NWOBHM bands are offered a chance to start a second live. For Slander this statement really counts because on this double disc youíll find out how the band sounded many years ago and how they sound nowadays. I have chosen to review the new recorded album because it is easier to convince you when I say this album is pretty well produced. Not that the original sounds bad, the new one only sounds betterÖ 

Slander has anything to do with NWOBHM and can be considered as a perfect example of what this ancient style is all about. If youíre into bands like Blitzkrieg, Satan, Cloven Hoof, Jaguar, Elixir etc. youíll have pretty soon the idea how Slander sounds. Pure hard hitting Heavy Metal in which rather melodic arrangements and awesome guitar are frequently used. Slander contains that dark touch, the kind of songwriting that enlightens me and gives me that Heavy Metal kick! This band is flashing you back into this era but itís no surprise this band stayed unknown. I suppose we all know what happened with Metal in the early nineties, NWOBHM was already dead, not mentioning the mainstream exceptions. 

Slander is at least as good as bands Iíve mentioned before. I am quite sure they could have become popular if we imagine this record should have been released in for example 1983. As a matter of fact this isnít actually an album as we call it; itís a compilation of demos the band recorded in the early nineties. The second CD contains the same songs, recorded last year.  

At least it makes clear why Slander wasnít a name a few years earlier, they didnít even existÖ. Slander isnít at all influenced by what happened between the days of success of NWOBHM and the period they recorded their demos! It seems they lost time, were out of this world literally. We can pity the history of Slander or we can enjoy what Stormspell Records offers us now! Letís take time for this one and fans of old and obscure Heavy Metal should really try this one out! Iím sure that every Eighties Metal fanatic, everyone who actively lived in the NWOBHM era will adore this band! The production is a bit dated on CD 1, is better on CD 2 but I donít really care! There are some differences between both CDís, discover it yourself but at least enjoy this album! I really did and I presume the band is active again so I canít wait to see this band on stage! Check  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)