Metal To Infinity

What a beautiful intro! What a wonderful voice! Wow, this really blows me away, makes me calm, gets all of my attention! This Epic touch delivers me cold shivers, seldom I’ve heard such a mind blowing “Introduction”! And then Slavemason starts to play the game and believe me only a few notes are necessary to find out a masterpiece is heading my way. Who is Slavemason anyway? I’ve never heard from it but I am astonished, fully concentrated and under the spell from what I am witnessing… It seems Slavemason is a so called ‘one man band’. Mister William Simpkins gives more than the impression being a multiple musician. He’s even far beyond this notion because he’s a master in everything he’s doing. 

This man is a fantastic singer and contains a unique voice! The capabilities he has with his voice are immense, vocal sound and strength will make you listen with eyes and ears wide shut! He’s an even more fantastic song writer and he’s a great guitar player. I hear sharp and technical played riffs and the solo’s are played on an emotional way! Darkness, melody and emotions are blended in a very tasteful mix! 

The drum parts are very good and only for the bass guitars he used some help, from a man called Joe Hoyle. Slavemason is an Epic True Heavy Metal album that fans of bands like Crescent Shield will worship! Fans of the more Epic Iron Maiden albums will also love what they hear, even old Queensryche, Jag Panzer, Fates Warning or Iced Earth are at some points possibilities! Add a bit of Manilla Road, maybe some Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Virgin Steele or even a slice of Savior Machine and you’ll have a clue what I am talking about. There aren’t even any doubts in my mind Pink Floyd and other Seventies Progressive Rock bands were influencing. Slavemason contains an obscure – yet clean – sound and the front cover contains the same dark atmosphere. Talking about the production I can tell you it sounds perfect! 

This is one of those surprising albums you’ll discover each year. The unknown band that takes you by the throat, that ‘one shot’ album that took you by surprise! From the beginning until the end Slavemason brings first class Metal songs and this is a debut that deserves everybody’s attention! Not that Slavemason delivers sophisticated tracks, Progressive elements, melody and power are in a perfect balance. I discovered a range from heavy metal anthems to Doom Metal monstrosities and progressive elegies! The tracks are varied, contains surprising vocal lines, frequent temp changes and every detail of each song sounds perfect. That obscure Seventies sound, the dark Eighties sound, the Epic touches… all are present. The fact one man is for 80% responsible for it makes it even more impressive! William Simpkins is an intelligent man, a musician ‘pur sang’, a creative mastermind! 

It’s hard to name what the best songs really are on this concept album. The chemistry between this release and me worked right away! I adored tracks like “Zep Tepi”, Drafted”, “Islands” and “The End”. Each track has its own mood, time after time you’ll be surprised. Multiple listens will make you discover new highlights. Purchase this masterpiece at or The only thing I pity is that this album was official released last year, makes it impossible to end in my year list…  

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)