Metal To Infinity

Holland is already a leading country concerning extreme metal bands, but there is a huge ovement in the underground scene, and bands are eagerly waiting to rise up and mark their stamp on the Dutch Metal Scene.  One of the leading underground acts is Slechtvalk, and their new, already fourth full length album, will confirm their talent and passion to establish their breakthrough.  

Musical wise, we can place this band in the black metal scene, with a melodic edge and, perhaps the most important one, a lot of folk weaved into the songs.  Black metal with Folk? Hughg ?? Well, indeed, and this band is capable to bring a diversified scale of songs with a total duration of +60 minutes, without remorse. They are mean, vicious, heavy yet melodic, and the riffs of the songs are at some moments really breathtaking! 

Mainman of Slechtvalk is Shamgar, who recorded the first album as a one-man band, or at that time, project.  ‘Falconry’ was the title of the debut, and now, ten years later, we can say that the debut evolved through the years without losing any component of the original idea. The music is still in the same style, the members came and went, but Shamgar remained stubborn and heady to finish his ultimate dream.  I believe that ‘A Forlorn Throne’ will approach his quest! From opener ‘Forsaken’ till ‘Vengeance of a Scorned King’, you will explore a lot of cool riffs, awesome vocal lines and a concrete rhythm section.   

This album takes you by the throat, and gets better and better after a few spins.  I wonder how they bring this masterpiece live, as I haven’t seen them on stage yet. One thing is for sure, if they play in our area, I’ll be the first to buy a ticket! People from Holland can be proud to have an act like this, and I do hope that, when they emerge from the underground, that they stay loyal to the original ideas, as this is the power that lifts this band to unknown heights! 

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)