Metal To Infinity

As a major fan of US Metal I am dogged to find all goodies in this particular genre. I donít see my self as a specialist but I can tell some nice things about it. During the years, and thanks to the Internet, I have discovered lots of bands. During those years I have found a band called Sleepy Hollow. Their CDís are actually hard to find, obscure but good.

Main man of Sleepy Hollow is Bob Mitchell, former singer of one of my favourite US Metal bands, Attacker. This man, in real life a nurse, was obliged to leave Attacker after some internal discussions. US Metal purists will know this front man from Vyndycator and Alchemy X too. About Attacker; they never stood up ever since and I really have no idea what their future will bring. After the departure Bob Mitchell resurrected his old band Sleepy Hollow. After more than twenty years I can represent you their second full album. Again the front cover is eye catching and should invite every Metal fan to buy this album during a visit in a specialized Metal store.

Musical wise this is US Power Metal the way we like it. Interesting riffs, varied tempi, hard hitting drumsÖ Fans of Metal Church, Attacker etc. will be pleased with this kind of Eighties Heavy Metal. If we talk about Bob Mitchellís performances I realize that the listener can only like or dislike it. Bob owns a very harsh and poignant, even harsher than for example Udo Dirkschneider. I am aware of the fact this kind of vocals arenít appreciated by everyone, especially with Vyndycator he even exagerrated to me. At this release he strikes back with vengeance! This is the style of the man, so again it is love it or leave it. To be honest I am astonished by the strength of his lungs and this man really is able to bring different tones with his special voice. Sleepy Hollow stands for 101 percent pure Metal and his kind of vocals fits the music perfectly. Heís able to bring lots of anger and rage in his vocal lines and once youíre into it I can assure you will really appreciate this release.

Although this is a nostalgic album, bringing back the good old days, Sleepy Hollow chose to use a modern production. It surely gives the band and this disc a higher quality! One after another awesome Metal track is heading your way and I belong to the fans! The driving force Sleepy Hollow delivers is seducing and I admit I gave this record one after another spin.

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)