Metal To Infinity

Another band from the USA! Who said the US Metal scène isn’t alive and kicking anymore? You? Or was it you? At least it wasn’t me! Anyway I suppose if you follow the present worldwide movement you have no doubts how much overseas Metal we can hear nowadays. Not only the oldies are back again, plenty of new bands are waiting for you to respect them too. Next in line is Slik Helvetika, from Pennsylvania. 

This band contains members from Destroyer (Mikhall Myers and Mark Bennett) and Kjell Benner was even a member of Quiet Riot, next to Destroyer and Skull. Meanwhile this band released an EP and their debut album.  

This band, with for me a pretty hard name to remind, is clearly influenced by the Eighties (Glam) Metal scène. They deliver some groovy stuff, some pure Glam Metal in vein of Motley Crüe, Guns ‘n Roses and here and there some heavier kind of Metal. Slik Helvetika delivers us in the first place one after another melodic track in which the guitars plays a leading role. Sleezy riffs, screaming guitars and good played solos, cheesy refrains, that’s what this band is all about… 

Overall the band is very energetic and the used rhythms don’t miss their effect. It is pretty hard to stay still while listening to this one although headbanging isn’t exactly my option. Nevertheless I enjoyed this album from which I can’t say it is at any point innovating. I suppose fans of Glam Metal won’t care at all.  

An important exception might be the title track, which is a pure Heavy Metal song and to me the best song on this release. It shows another face of the band, making them sound much darker. It mixes somehow Accept with Rawhead Rexx, the German Heavy/Power Metal formation. Also “Misery” fits in this row. Listening to both tracks I pity the band didn’t work out more songs like this one. Also “Reign” contains heavier pieces, a style that fits them perfectly but too fast they search back the Glam Metal elements, although I admit it sounds a bit heavier than this traditional subgenre. I have never been the biggest fan of Glam Metal… I suppose that explains a lot but anyway I have mixed feelings with this band. 

Well, I suppose the band is just playing what they want to play, without any complexes. As a matter of fact they shouldn’t care about what people say or think… It’s a good release, with all enjoyable songs and a band to check out at .  

My Points: 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)