Metal To Infinity

Dortmunt Germany based Solemn Statement consists only of two musicians named Sven Sommler (guitars/ vocals) and Patrick Sondermann (guitars/bass). Both were active in a few other bands before, as for Solemn Statement – this project was formed back in 2011. It’s never easy to create a valuable Metal sound when your band contains only two members… still my respect for those who give it a shot is sincere. In the past, I came in contact with a couple of so-called one (or two) man projects… some were good, some brought nothing rightly! No, I won’t tell you names – that’s not my intention. For those who fail, a pity situation... they’ve tried at least. 

Solemn Statement is the matter now - I heard their debut EP “God Whispers” about an hour ago, this independent four track piece to let hear what they have to offer. First and foremost, I’d like to paste a name to their genre… to me, this is rough sung Power/Thrash Metal with nice melodic hooks. Recorded all by themselves, the entire EP sounds quite okay but here and there, there is some work to do but that’s normal. I won’t blame these guys for that, it’s just a beginning, a start of a possible career in the world of Metal music. Without beating around the bush, I hear good musicians delivering nice skills but it must be said again that forming a band set up by only two members remains a perilous adventure.  

Both Patrick and Sven are fully aware they need to find a drummer and bassist real soon – if that happens, Solemn Statement will be a band able to offer much more than they do right now. Mentioning the fact they’re not good at the moment wouldn’t be fair at al… take it from me, the four tracks on “God Whispers” are good, real good actually. Based on the sound quality, the EP creates a pleasant atmosphere - based on the song structures I’m quite satisfied as well. Raw, well suited vocals (think late Kreator & early Moonspell vocal style) and appreciating guitar lines featuring nice melodic moves and fast solo passages, which are not always seem to play real good. Guitar riffs and melodic, more gently played leads deliver no issues but when it comes to full solo attacks, something goes wrong in some ways. The full solo assaults give me a bit of a messed up feel but time heals all wounds you know, the future will tell whether these shreds will improve or not... I am confident!

Sometimes the music feels as dark as the blackness of the night, sometimes tracks are played in high-speed velocity mode. “God Whispers” brings what a good, minor progressive influenced Power/Thrash Metal album requires - musical variety instead of monotony is what you can get. Fans of late Kreator, old Threnody/Alastis, Opeth are recommended to check out Solemn Statement at the following url:  

My Points: 82 / 100  (Review by Stefan)