Metal To Infinity

Nowadays Robert Lowe is the front man of Candlemass. I don’t know if you’ve ever read my review about their latest album? I wrote in it Robert Lowe convinced me by that specific release. Not that I have ever disrespected him but I had a hard time accepting him as the ultimate replacer of Messiah Marcolin. Robert Lowe started his career with Solitude Aeturnus and I admit the band never received my attention the way they deserved. Mea Culpa! Since a few weeks I keep on listening to Solitude Aeturnus and I discovered why fans are so extremely loyal to this band. 

“Into The Depths Of Sorrow” is without any doubts one of the best traditional Doom Metal releases ever. Solitude Aeturnus started a few years later then Candlemass (1987 under the name of Solitude, formed by John Perezz, ex Rotting Corpse) and there are no doubts these Swedish Doom Metal gods influenced them. Solitude Aeturnus also listened to the old and epic Fates Warning and other beginning Progressive Metal bands. Also the very old Metal Church crosses my mind, not because of the music but because of the darkness this album breathes!   

There’s so much beauty in this release! The intro gets the listener immediately into the right atmosphere and there’s no way you can run from the spell of Solitude Aeturnus. The Gregorian chants are giving me cold shivers from the very beginning, for some reason this kind of chants always makes me melancholic. The awesome front cover doesn’t hide what the listener can expect from this CD and melancholy is a word that fits Solitude Aeturnus perfectly but there’s more, much more… What’s more? The inspiration Solitud Aeurnus used to create their own specific sound into this masterpiece, delivering the listener cold shivers from the beginning until the end! 

First of all the slow rhythms are very addictive. It’s no difficulty for these Americans to suck you into their rhythm and the varied arrangements are godlike! From slow depressive parts all over a powerful, mid tempo cadence to return to even more dark and threatening rhythm sessions. The riffs are wicked all the way, the bass lines sinister and the bludgeon percussion sessions – with godlike double bass drums - are crushing! Also  every single guitar solo is worth checking this one out because of the fact they’re played with every possible emotion! Solitude Aeturnus sounds sinister and mysterious.  

The mixture between the Doom elements and the Progressive pieces are making this category of Heavy Metal like some kind of miracle; this is how beautiful darkness really sounds! Musical wise you can compare Solitude Aeturnus with Candlemass but for some reason these Americans sound more perfect. Especially those slices from other genres (US Progressive Metal, US Power Metal, even US mid tempo Thrash Metal) makes this band so unique!  

And Robert Lowe? He’s God! What a fantastic and extraordinary voice! Meanwhile I suppose most of you know this guy’s talent because of what he did with Candlemass. Anyway I can’t say it enough how strong he is on this release. How many lungs does he own anyway? What a fantastic and touching vocal lines; this man is able to express multiple emotions on a very exciting way! The fact the guitar solos are playing the exact same sensitive game are making this record even stronger! For people who don’t know Robert Lowe I dare to say I’m not capable comparing him to any other singer; therefore his voice is too special! 

Solitude Aeturnus released several albums ever since and I am still listening to them, trying to get into every detail of it. A pause of a few years was foreseen and the band came back in 2006 with the album “Alone”. Nevertheless none of these releases could convince me the way this powerful force, called “Into The Depths Of Sorrow”, did. Throughout its existence, the band has strove only for purity and excellence, crafting songs that embody everything for which faultless Doom metal stands for! This is a classic one in the history of Heavy Metal! 

In a few weeks I will witness Candlemass at the Keep It True festival, headlining this Metal feast with a special “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” show. Soon after, at the Headbangers Open Air Festival Solitude Aeturnus is programmed and I’m looking so forward to see both Doom Metal gods on stage. Keep your eyes on my reviews about both festivals, I’m quite sure they will be worth checking them out, as this release deserves it’s special place in your collection. 

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)