Metal To Infinity

Nowadays all genres, that were all ruling the scčne in the Eighties, are back. No one can deny that Thrash is immense popular again, the old school bands even delivered masterpieces the last few years. Also plenty of NWOBHM and traditional Metal bands are back, stroke back with a vengeance. Another style that was fortuned in that era was what we call “Glam Rock”, with or without a sleazy touch. 

Sonic Shock is such a band and delivers a very good album. Fans of bands like Guns’n Roses, Ratt etc. will surely adore this one. Sonic Shock is able to bring the specific mood of that era back and I’m quite sure Sonic Shock is a first class live band. Song after song Sonic Shock pleased me with music that fits this good weather very well. Sonic Shock brings a warm feeling to the listener and their kind of Hard Rock / Metal owns a very good vibe! Here and there there’s even a bit of Pünk to be discovered. 

These guys look much more Metal than we used to know from this kind of bands. No lipsticks, no pink shirts and female pants but four guys wearing True Metal shirts and long hairs the way it is supposed to be. Nevertheless they’re performing the perfect music for a summer festival or a biker’s meeting. With the right support we might hear from these guys in the future. Only for fans of this specific style.  Check And hell yeah, they  rock! 

My points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)