Metal To Infinity

Iced Earth have been for a very long time my favorite band. Next to Helstar they were the brand for what US Power Metal is really all about and I especially consider “Burnt Offerings” as one of the highlights in this genre. I’ve read once that Jon Schaffer wasn’t that enthusiast about that specific release, especially because of the production. He should be proud on it, it’s after all these years still their strongest release to me. The dark atmosphere and the intensity in which this album was written is from a seldom heard quality level. “Dante’s Inferno” is even, after some decades in Metal, one of my favorite tracks.  

Iced Earth became more successful but I took slowly more distance from the band. The darkness disappeared and the band searched too much, in my opinion, for the perfect clean production, melody and patriotism. Even the return of Matt Barlow couldn’t stop my bad feelings about Iced Earth. What I want is dark powerful technical Power Metal but I could not find it back anymore, yet I kept on purchasing everything from the band.  In my point of view Jon Schaffer should have kept his ideas for a specific project… 

Mister Schaffer must have read my mind because he started a new project, Sons Of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty, was historical seen, a political group made of American Patriots that originated in the pre-independence North American British colonies. Schaffer is patriotic, especially on the last Iced Earth records he proved his devotion to the US.  Schaffer, who is without any doubts an ultra intelligent man, fantastic songwriter and first class guitarist, gave Sons Of Liberty his own clear ideas. It seems the man is shocked because of what politics is really all about and gives his own critical ideas about it on this record. I agree with him when he says this is a global problem. Not only the USA but the entire world is responsible and people deserve indeed liberty and free humanity. I advise you to give extra attention to the lyrics here! Music is anyway a good way to spread opinions, beliefs and words. Schaffer is a strong believer and therefore we must honor him for what he did right here, therefore we should help him out spreading his words. That’s the main reason why I wrote this review, although we never received a promo from this one. This review is meant to support Jon Schaffer in spreading his words, the man deserves it for all he did to the Metal community. Anyway this music is at some points more Rock-oriented and therefore meant for a wider audience, making it easier to spread the personal thoughts… 

Anyway I’m a reviewer of Metal CD’s and to me this is still the main issue. It’s obvious Schaffer is the mastermind behind this project, even without his name on the beautiful booklet I would have discovered it. Schaffer has his own identity in the Metal scčne and his typical way of  performing riffs, arrangements and songs can be found back on this album! Only Schaffer can write and perform this way! Iced Earth fans (especially from the newer generation) and those who adore the Demons& Wizards releases shouldn’t doubt purchasing this one. No chance you’ll be disappointed! 

Another strength of this record is that samples and speeches are weaved in and between all songs, giving extra power to the messages and lyrics. They make the connection between the listener and the music stronger. Schaffer have chosen to mix Heavy and Powerful songs with softer elements that became another brand for his way of song writing. Schaffer didn’t experiment with this one, he didn’t search for new boundaries and played the game ‘safely’. Anyway I’m totally into tracks like “Jekyll Island”, the mighty “Don’t Tread On Me” (pure Iced Earth!), “False Flag” and the superb “Tree Of Liberty”. They’re good songs and contains a lot what modern US Power Metal is all about. Add fast fingered and exciting played guitar solos and beware that Schaffer is a very good singer, I wasn’t aware of his vocal capabilities!  

This is another strong release this year and “Brush-Fires Of The Mind” might end in my year list. Therefore I’ve discovered enough strong points. I can only hope that Iced Earth goes back to its roots, delivering evil and sinister technical US Power Metal with sharp riffs, screaming guitars and high pitched vocals. I suppose it will be a matter of “wait and see”. This is anyway a strong release ! Check this one out at or  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)