Metal To Infinity

I suppose the older amongst us still remember the TV series “Tour Of Duty”. It was in the eighties my favourite program, about an American platoon during the Vietnam war. Some TV channel should bring it back, it can’t be dated! To be honest the Vietnam war did always passionate me for some unknown reasons. Anyway “Paint It Black” was the title track of “Tour Of Duty”, original it is a song from the Rolling Stones. Every time I hear this song, the best Stones song to me anyway, I have to think about this program, longing to see it once more. The seventies songs, who were used in every episode, never miss their effects on me and therefore it’s so difficult to make a cover from them, the specific moods in every particular song is so hard to imitate.

Sons Of Sound is a German band and as far as I see this band contains three brothers. I don’t know if any other Hard Rock or Metal band ever contained three members of the same family. At least I don’t know any... This band takes of with “Paint it black”, the reason why I started the review with this song and it’s not at all a bad cover. Nevertheless it can’t hook up wit the original, a mission impossible anyway but it’s rather bizarre to start this EP with it.

Furthermore Sons Of Sound plays their own songs from which “Are You Ready” is their official video-clip. Sons Of Sound stands for hard hitting and rolling Hard Rock, at some points more melodic Metal. Especially Rage is crossing my mind, I suppose because of the vocals, although Rage is heavier and more technical all the way. Don’t get me wrong; Sons Of Sound is heavy enough and for sure these guys know how to write a good song. At the one hand you will discover you’ve heard everything ever before, at the other hand the way they perform it sounds pretty original. Maybe it is because of the fact they mix at more points some bluesy tunes in between their tracks...

This EP swings from the beginning until the end and mixes a bit Motörhead with Rage, with some Grunge and Blues music. They’re rocking and rolling but it doesn’t take many time to find out these guys knows how to handle their instruments and it’s obvious they’re doing it with pleasure. I suppose this is a kicking ass live band! Check them out at

My points: 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)