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Hailing from Greece, Sorrows Path was formed back in late ’93 by two guys named Takis Drakopoulos (bassist) and guitar player Kostas Salomidis. Their intentions were to set up a band in the vein of Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. To follow these legends of Doom Metal’s pathways – well, you’ve got to be loaded with a whole bunch of skills to me. But okay, it’s always good to start a band with good ideas and ambitions and as always, the future will tell all about to succeed or not! 

Some other members entered the Sorrows Path ranks, unfortunately some left after a while and were replaced (same old story you know!). Debut demo came out early 1995 followed by another promo tape entitled “Promo ‘96” which led to contacts with labels and promo companies who saw potential in Sorrows Path. They dived into the studio to record some new tracks, damn pity these tracks were never released! Mandatory military service, we all know what that means and also a few band members had to deal with it which led to a two year break of Sorrows Path… they were gone for a while but definitely resolute to come back. 

Shortly after Sorrows Path was back on the railways, Kostas Salomidis had a motorcycle accident. Nearly paralysed by serious neck problems, Kostas returned after an intense recovery of five years. Surrounded by people who loved and supported him by giving courage all the time – co-founder / guitarist of Sorrows Path grabbed his axe and started to let roar / scream his favourite electric tool as loud as can be! A re-mastered version of their debut demo plus the tracks from “Promo ‘96” saw the crack of dawn in 2006 as a first full length CD entitled “Resurrection” released by Eat Metal Records. All seemed to went on very good from that moment on (they even opened for Solitude Aeturnus, Memory Garden, Brocas Helm,…), the band were motivated to the core and kept on practising fingers to the bone with next step in mind – to create a follow up asap! 

And yes – that new album is almost ready to let go (release date: October 2010). With a new guitarist in its ranks, Sorrows Path was surrounded by famous people to finish the entire album in healthy ways such as Greek producer, composer and musician named Vangelis Yalamas who worked in the past with Ray Alder (Fates Warning) and Joey Vera (Armored Saint) to name but a few. The artwork for the upcoming new effort was created by Greek artist Seth Siro Anton who’s well known for its amazing delivery in cover artwork for bands like Exodus, Paradise Lost, Soilwork and plenty of more! 

So please, make notice of the fact that the new album from Sorrows Path entitled “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” will be out in October 2010 – we at Metal To Infinity webzine were spoiled with an advantage brought on by Rock It Up Records, a great label where True Metal lives! There are twelve songs on the album to enjoy – a quite unique way of Metal awaits you all! Their pretty complicated and dark minded compositions to work out really good. Some bands making music in complicated / sophisticated manners but in the end, they absolutely don’t succeed at all. To pity for them but not for Sorrows Path because to what I’ve heard on their new album, each part of the puzzle fits very well. This is a typical band and album were the expression ‘expect the unexpected’ can be used. A lot a variation to enjoy throughout the entire album! 

The unique vocal use does reminds me of Mark ‘The Shark’ Shelton check out tracks like ‘All Ove To Lost’ and ‘Lost Innocence’) from legendary Epic Metal gods Manilla Road and All Candelo from US Symphonic Metal act Aspire. Impossible to place one single style on these guys’ performances and like to say… be ready for a dose of Progressive / Power Metal with slices taken from the world of Doom, alternating with theatrical / symphonic parts.  

I really do like other songs such as: ‘The Beast (S.P.R.)’, Fetish’, ‘Dirty Game’, ‘Mr. Holy’. Maybe it’s a cliché to tell that the entire album gets a place within my heart. It’s dark, quite original or unique and you feel the chemistry amongst the members burn from within. I guess this advance CDR is the rough mix which sounds already good to me but when all is finally set and done, I think we will get an even better result – await and see what it will be! One things is for sure, Sorrows Path is a fantastic band from a country where Metal lives so called Greece. Based on Metal music - do not underestimate Greece because they have numerous awesome bands to present! 

Time to finish this preview on Sorrows Path upcoming effort “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” – I look forward to the original release, meanwhile I will surely listen to the advance CD several times again. Thumbs up to everyone at Rock It Up Records, the record company that will unleash the effort in October 2010. Power, Doom and Dark Progressive Metal maniacs better save some cash to purchase when the time is right! More info at:  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review By Stefan)