Metal To Infinity

Once again Rock It Up records surprised me! I had never heard of Sorrows Path before but a few weeks ago I received their CD from the label and ever since I kept on listening to it. Nor the CD cover nor the booklet showed that something special was coming! But the first notes, this intro…. Amazing! I’m into this CD since I received it, kept on listening to it ever since and I suppose I will keep on listening forever and a day I suppose… 

Let me tell you what Sorrows Path is all about! This is first class Progressive Power / Doom Metal from the kind I haven’t heard in such a long time! Especially the atmosphere is ideal in this snowy weather, perfect! I don’t even have to imagine the cold landscapes, they’re already there when I look outside… At least it brings me in the right mood to describe this album. The opening track “All Love Is Lost” keeps on playing in my mind and I assure you I have listened to it time after time. It spooks into my mind and the melancholy is dripping out of it! The choruses and refrains are constantly in my mind and this is just the beginning… 

All over the years Doom Metal has maintained several faces but to especially the traditional kind of Doom Metal has been interesting, has been a genre I could listen to for hours. Solitude Aeturnus, Krux, Candlemass on the on hand but a Progressive injection into this kind of music has always been well tasted by me. Veni Domine for example is a band I really adore! Sorrows Path is a band that goes into the direction of Veni Domine and that’s enough to get me under their spell. Maybe you can add a bit of Slough Fegg to get the entire picture of what this band really is about. 

Constantly Sorrows Path weaves melancholic elements into their music, an angelic voice, a peaceful acoustic piece, some bombastic choirs or classical intermezzos… But these elements are not standing alone, the band constantly plays with them, goes into duel with them, uses them to sound even more impressive! It’s the main reason why “The Rough Path Of Nihilism” takes the listener by the throat but I would be simple to explain why this album touches my soul so hard! Musical wise the band constantly offers rhythms that calms you down, that sucks you into the story of each single song!  

Sorrows Path keeps of course the tempo slow but yet the music is so varied that every detail is more than interesting. The guitars are constantly in front, by heavy loaded riffs or by the fact the solos are leading their own life. No shredding or uncountable played notes but solos that are played with an immense emotional touch, another brand for this CD. 

Angelos Ioannidis is the band’s singer and his clean voice fits the music perfectly. It’s especially his vocal sound that lifts the band up to a higher level, making the music more convincible. His vocal lines makes the music sound melodic, on a way this kind of music deserves. No high pitched vocals as in main Progressive bands but clean, touching… This guy has no problems laying all his emotions into his vocal lines, aggressive at the one kind, touching and even theatrical at the other! 

Meanwhile I have heard once more this CD and I am pushing the play button once again. This means this release has its owns strength, has some kind of attraction that not that many bands are able to produce. These guys are from Greece but the atmosphere on this CD makes them universal, makes them a kind of band that is ready to conquer a part of the world wide Doom Metal scène! Without any doubts one of the best releases I’ve heard this year! Order this masterpiece at or   

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)