Metal To Infinity

Let me be very clear right from the start and immediately announce that Australian based Soulforge is one of the most promising Metal acts at the moment! Playing their stuff in a US Power Metal tradition akin to the sound of Reverend, Priest / Maiden, Vicious Rumours, Metal Church, Pharaoh, Liege Lord, Phantom X, Wretch, Imagika. Take it for real!   

Axeman and founder Tomo Jovanovic started with Soulforge a few years ago, shortly thereafter he was surrounded by a number of well trained soldiers of Metal such as frontman Dale Corney (ex-guitarist Dungeon), former Fury bassist Aaron Dewsbery, James Barlow (guitars) and drummer Byliara Bates. According to what I personally feel, Soulforge are musically closely interlinked. There is one particular musician I definitely noticed because of his superb guitar skills – I’m talking about a young aged genius guitar wonder named James Barlow! He turned a guitar around his neck at the age of 14, On Soulforge’s debut and self financed album “Fields Of Decay”, he nearly gave me a cardiac arrest. This youngster’s intense way of technical guitar playing is awesome! 

“Fields Of Decay” is another fantastic Power Metal album unfortunately brought out independently which is in the first place a costly affair for the band themselves but… I will never understand why so many ‘worthless’ acts get a record deal signed while great bands like Soulforge don’t.  It’s not the meaning to offend anyone but it’s just unfair! Record companies on the hunt for something really good better make notice of Soulforge at:  contact them and offer these guys a well deserved record deal! 

Even the fact this is an independent release, the booklet, inlay, cover art, etcetera looks very professional to me. Also the sound quality scores high peaks really! Ten songs are ready to blow you away by vocals in the vein of David ‘Metal Church’ Wayne, ex-Imagika Norman Skinner, a bit of Biff Byford (Saxon) / Mark ‘The Shark’ Shelton. Soulforge must be sure they have a great singer in its ranks. The guitar duels be fought to the death and delivers exceptionally a beautiful spectacle including nice shreds, awesome melodies and killer riffs made of solid steel. Drummer and bassist functioning as it should be, hard and strong… I’m satisfied again. 

‘Dark Tower’ and ‘My Game’ are rather Thrash than Power Metal songs because of the fast, Bay Area type of guitar riffs. Perfect voice and technical guitar works to the extreme, in the end… neck breakers these tracks really are! Classic Heavy Metal reigns at ‘Crimson Fire’ and ‘Abreaction’. The title song is a special one to me due to the foundation is build up in a very impressive way. A whole lotta package of great musical talent is what you can expect during the following 7 minutes of pure Metal pleasure.  Last two works ‘Ten Thousand Years’ and ‘Viking March’ let the debut album from Soulforge finish with a great form of conviction… power and might, talent and confident reigns supreme!  

“Fields Of Decay” has everything on board that’ll please your ears delivering great and actually my beloved and everlasting style of music called US Power Metal. It crawled under my skin way back in the 80s and I won’t let it out to none! Great band, superb effort!! 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)