Metal To Infinity

Well, after a very successful EP called ‘Dreamcatcher’, the band Soulhealer wants to focus on their next step in their career with a debut full length album. This band is forging the iron while it’s hot, and who are we to disagree. SoulHealer comes out of the cold and freezing Finland, and we all know that they have a nose for quality in the dark north! The EP sold 300 copies in a fortnight, which was a lot above the expectations of the band or anybody else had anticipated. What I like a lot is their vision on ‘new material’. The band didn’t re-record any track from the EP to ‘fill’ this first album. No, they added only new material and songs, which points that SoulHealer is in a creative mood! All songs on ‘The Kings Of Bullet Alley’ are newly written, and 11 times we can nodding the quality!  

Jori Kärki is the vocalist of SoulHealer and he has a little nasal voice timbre, which accompanies the musical structures pretty well! Guitars are played by Sami Mikkonen and Teemu Kuosmanen, while bass is handled by Teemu Aho who previously played in the band Frozen Soil. Timo Immonen is sitting behind the drum skins and all together they bring their metal with enthusiasm and a feel-good attitude. The arrangements of the songs are a little catchy, with a lot of emotion and are confident about! SoulHealer is a band with capacity and perhaps a great future ahead, but they need a little extra for their next release. This is a good beginning, but an international career is only possible with even better structures and a little extra, but that’s only a matter of details. There are so many commercial metal bands in the running that you must stand out of the crowd to get into the spot and picture!  

My rating: 78 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)