Metal To Infinity

A dark intro to start the CD with. What can I expect? If I take a look to the front cover I suppose it will be European oriented Power Metal. Is it? Yes, it is. Sound Storm seems to be a Power Metal band from Italy and released a self financed debut CD in 2007. Sound Storm seems to be more than just a common Power Metal band and they’re proud of all the ingredients they’ve added into their music. 

“Bound to hell” shows a lot of what direction this CD is heading to. It is a fast played Power Metal track with plenty of classic arrangements and it includes a female voice. A woman called Ilaria is responsible and she helps a guy, listening to the name of Letstat, fulfilling his vocal lines. Not that this man actually needs this kind of help because he owns a good and clear yet typical voice for this kind of music. His strong lungs give the band a very professional image and this man is able to bring very varied vocal lines. At some points the band is also supported by a choir; eight extra voices that give Sound Storm an effect that reminds the listener to Therion. “Ecclesiae Ludicium” is a mind blowing intermezzo by this choir! 

Not only the choirs reminds Sound Storm to Therion, also plenty of musical arrangements seem to be influenced by this band. Throughout a lot of songs Sound Storm also uses folkloric instruments, to me they exaggerated it a little too much. The use of it don’t blow me away, it might have this effect to others! Other influences I hear are Manticora and Lost Horizon and since I consider them as top bands in the European Power Metal Sound Storm may accept this as a compliment. Only for this reason it is worth checking this band out if you adore the bands I’ve mentioned. I can’t say Sound Storm’s vocalist can hook up with Daniel Heiman (Europe’s best Metal singer?) and Lars F. Larsen (one of my favorite singers) but often he’s close! So let me say that Letstat deserves all respect for what he did on this CD and he’s a fantastic singer! 

Sound Storm doesn’t gear up the pedal all the time. They are capable to deliver very varied songs; “Falling Star” and “Love At Sundown” for example are fantastic tracks although the used violin in the background bores me after a while! Damn, why did this band use this so often? It wasn’t at all necessary because the band contains fantastic musicians. The song writing is often so strong, especially when the choirs supports the music  I pity this exaggeration, but it is a personal meaning, nothing more and nothing less!  

Especially a man called Dusk receives all of my attention because of his fast fingered and shredding solos, awesome! Also the keyboards are worth checking this band out! One of the strongest songs to me is “Torquemada”, not by accident because the bands plays pure straight forwarded Metal with a subtle use of orchestral arrangements. 

I suppose every fan of European Power Metal should check this well produced CD. If you don’t mind my critics, I know plenty of you are crazy about all those theatric elements, this might be an album you have been waiting for. Yes, ‘waiting for’ because this specific kind of Metal lost attention the last years because of the revival of Thrash and other Eighties Metal. Nevertheless Sound Storm delivered a good release that deserved every single point of my rating! Check:

My Points : 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)