Metal To Infinity

C’mon let’s go having a blast on the new Southern Voodoo album “Neon Dust baby” released by Rokarola Records, a division of Music Avenue. Unfamiliar with these Belgian champs, well better stand strong for a lethal dose of right up in your face, dirty streetwise / rebel minded mixture hard kicking old school Hard Rock with branches to Blues Rock… sometimes you’ll fee some psychedelic vibes too. Yeah, I know that’s quite a lot to swallow but one thing is for sure – “Neon Dust baby” is their third assault and definitely one the best outputs so far! 

To those who are too prudish hearing songs including dirty lyrical but straight from the heart contents from time to time – get the hell out of here. Southern Voodoo gives a shit about it all – fully agree with such an attitude… say what you have to say and forget a bout the rest. 

Founder, singer and guitarist Dominique De Vos formed the band in 2001, struggled to a few line up changes but he’s a real fighter, a survivor actually – with this new album he succeeded totally… I mean, the nowadays line up contains 4 guys that deserve their place line no one else. Well skilled musicians those who know how to ROCK! 

Opener ‘Girls On Trash’ starts with a great guitar riff and adrenaline pumping rhythms. With ‘No Revelation’ all hell breaks loose – again awesome, dirty rocking minded riffs and raw, whiskey fuelled vocal use. The title track has a bit of an unusual feel on board but it’s still rocks to the core. Like some Bluesy, Stoner, Psychedelic Rock boosted  track, listen up to ‘Show Me Your Scars’. One of my faves is for sure ‘Road Kill 300’ – in the vein of American Dog, Motörhead, Broken Teeth, Girlschool, Hellacopters ,… this one kicks your dirt, you’re warned!  

More Blues Rock infected grooves audible on ‘Subterranean High” but it doesn’t bothers me at all. Southern Voodoo still delivers the goods! ‘My Girl With The Drugs’ opens a fantastic guitar riff and again rough vocals and head bopping rhythms, dirty as hell and yes, also a favourite song of mine just like next ‘Kick The Wall’! ‘Concrete Angels’ comes along in a real low tempo with a different vocal use - nothing wrong with that to me, just another good work that takes me back in time to the late seventies actually. Please don’t forget all the great bands from that period because they're still so damn precious - legends for sure! More boot stamping Rock in your face with ‘Favourite Pornstar’ and the fast taker ‘Silver Bullet’, perfect song to let yourself go completely! 

This style of music isn’t my favourite of all but from time to time I find myself a way straight to my CD collection and grab on stuff from American Dog, Michael Katon, Eric Sardinas, Ted Nugent, V8 Wankers, Broken Teeth, Flexx Bronco,… from now on, Belgian based Southern Voodoo will be find back within this collection too. I’ve got a special place inside my arsenal of CD’s reserved only for bands playing a form of music so called hard hitting Rock ‘N’ Roll with no compromises. With pleasure and dignity, Southern Voodoo will be added as well!  

Good album available as a good looking digipack (incl. 8 page booklet), excellent stuff when you’re on the prowl for a night out at your local smoke filled bar - along with brothers and sisters having a great feast on fireball spitting Rock ‘N’ Roll music! Bikers, rockers, wild ones… unite as one and raise your fists / buckets of beer right up in the sky. Check them out at:  or    

MY POINTS: 83 / 100 (Review by Stefan)