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The last few weeks / months we at Metal To Infinity webzine Belgium received a lot of highly appreciated  Thrash Metal promo stuff to review. Besides our own US Power / Thrash Metal favourites like Helstar, Forbidden and Flotsam And Jetsam (among others) – there were also a few less known bands we were totally pleased with… one of them listens to the name of Space Eater, a band from Serbia. Into Metal since decades I don’t think I ever wrote a review for a Serbian Metal act so let’s see what these guys have to offer. 

Featuring members of another band called After Life, Space Eater worked out a few demo’s throughout several years – I Hate Records gave what they deserved, a contract to bring out a debut album entitled “Merciful Angel”. Some research on Space Eater’s background history allows me to say that this output conquered heart and soul of many Speed / Thrash Metal addicts! Fast guitars and furious drum lines trademarked Space Eater but… Space Eater also had a unique singer within its ranks called Bosko Radisic but it doesn’t feel good to tell that this longhaired Metal maniac unfortunately died in June 2009. Along with Bosko, also his girlfriend lost her life while both were sleeping… it was a burning fire within their apartment that can be considered as the cause of death. Damn tragedy and a very hard pill to swallow for the rest of the guys in Space Eater… a few members finally decided to quite and stepped out of the core. But Space Eater fought back and even the fact they lost a true brother of Metal, they kept going on in hope to find the right guys to continue in honour of their killed brother and soulmate Bosko. They succeeded – other members joined forces and to creation of a second effort was plan number one! Meanwhile that plan became reality, thanks to the great Stormspell Records, Space Eater is back with a new album entitled “Aftershock”. 

Dedicated to former, unfortunately died frontman Bosko Radisic – the entire album sounds very good to me. You will hear 10 songs, only the last two featuring the band’s new singer named Luka Matkovic who’s also in charge for some of the guitar lines and delivers an outstanding job! Former singer had some kind of a unique style of singing – his very clean, quite high pitched vocal deliveries were not 100 percent perfect because of the fact every now and than it seemed that some of the singing parts were taken to high for his own capacities. But I’d like to minimize this little critical point so be aware of the fact he still was a very good singer to me. The new singer (as can be heard on brilliant neck snappers such as ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ and ‘Relationshit’) has a different timbre but as in his role as replacer, he’s the well-fitted musician on the right spot!   

Comparing bands linger on while hearing Space Eater’s second output “Aftershock” are: Devastation, Vio-lence, Hirax, Toxik, Mystik among others. One song called ‘FAA’ is my favourite track of the entire album including awesome and really fast fingered guitar riffs. This Speed / Thrash Metal killer song lasts more than 7 minutes and keeps my attention way up high from beginning up to the end. Superb tempo changes and thrashing guitar solo’s – this one is a real high energy boost for all Bay Area Thrash Metal fans in the vein of legendary Vio-lence!  

In memory of a Metal brother gone way to early – it feels good that Space Eater is still on the track ways, ready to deliver Bay Area minded Speed / Thrash Metal in a highly recommended manner! Feel free to check them out at: . Find out some more awesome and especially 100 % Metal loaded albums released through Stormspell Records right HERE.    

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)