Metal To Infinity

After more than 20 years, speed limit is finally back! Their two classic albums “Unchained” and “Prophecy” are available now for the first time on CD released by Karthago records, a division of Pure Steel Records! With these two remastered albums they show the bands’ capacities who began in the 80’s already! 80’s Metal at its finest! The album(s) contain 15 songs of pure, True 80’s Metal with a total running time of over an hour!

Speed limit consists of 5 uncompromising metal maniacs, Joe Eder and Chris Angerer on guitars, Wolf Krug on drums, Chris Pawlak on bass and Sven Hogger on drums.

I have to admit I never heard of this band before, but I was truly impressed by the re-release of their two classic albums “Unchained” and “Prophecy”. Especially the songs ‘Slaves of Desire’, ‘(No) Speed Limit’ and ‘Running out of Time’ blew me away with the amazing guitar work!

The cool thing about this album is that even though it’s a remastered album, it still has the authentic, 80’s sound what made me feel like it was a high quality recording made back in the eighties. I love the guitar work on this album as well as the vocals. The raw, pure Heavy Metal the way it should be!

I think these guys should be much bigger than they are, they prove to me that True Heavy Metal isn’t dead yet and I think if we keep supporting bands like these, the future for the new generation of Heavy Metal maniacs is looking bright. I definitely recommend the album to fans of True Heavy Metal bands like Austrian based Mortician, Attila and many more…

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Timo)