Metal To Infinity

American based Heavy Artillery Records recently unleashed their first output that belongs to Wax Maniax Demo Series that will feature very rare vinyl and CD works which make your Underground Metal collection complete. The band that will open the series calls Spellcaster from Portland, Oregon USA. Some research on the band’s history ground told me that they kicked off under the name Leathwitch, a formation that broke up after a while. Remaining members Cory Boyd (guitars) and drummer Shad Covert didn’t take no for an answer and decided to start something new, something more faster / heaver… their efforts to find the right guys to complete the line-up ended very well. Thomas Adams (vocals), Gabe Franco from Seventh Gate came in as bassist – a second guitarist named Tyler Loney teamed up with Spellcaster as well!

Heavy Artillery Records’ release of "Spells Of Speed" contains five tracks, two of them can considered as live ones. Opener ‘Chainsaw Champion’ brings me in the right mood right on with great and powerful vocals and a lethal dose of headbanging, necksnapping rhythms as well. This song really shows how good Spellcaster really are. Straight forward Speed / Thrash Metal with highly appreciated, nice twin guitar moves including brilliant riffage and heartfelt solo works… great job guys!

‘Locked On’ begins in a Traditional Heavy Metal tradition and goes further in a True Speed Metal way. Again, I hear a very good chemistry between both guitar players definitely made to play it fast as a bullet from a loaded gun. More Speed Metal will destroy your speakers with the song ‘Spellcaster’… pay full attention to the great dual and melodic guitar moves! As mentioned before, two live tracks let the curtain fall over "Spells Of Speed" entitled ‘Chainsaw Champion" and ‘Power Rising’. About these live ones I have to say that the vocals aren’t that good as I heard on the studio recordings… unfortunately I’d rather call it kinda weak.

I'm really pleased with the studio recordings (which are actually the songs from their self financed demo) spoiling my ears with decent Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal – unfortunately enough, I can’t say the same about the live tracks having a quite poor sound quality and especially the vocalist isn’t able to keep my attention high. Spellcaster is surely worth to check out, mainly True Metal addicts into old school and not afraid to krank up the speed in a thrashing way better find their way to: http://www.myspace.com/spellcaster123

Make notice of the fact you can download Spellcaster’s debut EP entitled "Spells Of Speed" for free at: http://heavyartillery.bandcamp.com/album/spells-of-speed

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review By Stefan)