Metal To Infinity

“Breakneck Therapy”? How come nobody mentioned these words in Metal ever before? For Thrash Metal these are the ideal words to describe what this music is really about. The front cover, the band logo, the title… I suppose every Thrash Metal fan already knows what to expect from this one, even if you’re ignorant about these Canadians. Oh yes, Spewgore is a 100% pure Thrash Metal band and represents their second effort. Are you ready to break a neck? 

Spewgore isn’t infamous for us. We’ve talked about this band before because we also received their previous album with the fantastic title “Chipped teeth. Broken Fingers”. Also back then the front cover didn’t hide what the music was all about and it seemed this record was a good effort from the band. These Canadians mixes Thrash with Hardcore and in the Eighties we called this kind of music ‘crossover’. Nothing really changed ever since and Spewgore still performs this kind of music. Fans of Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, and DRI… will easily pick this one up.  

There are differences between both albums if you would ask me. First of all it seems the songs are a bit longer and secondly I hear more guitar solos. Most important might be the fact Spewgore worked harder to write real songs, to perform with intentions to sound better. Not the speed or heaviness are the most important anymore, Spewgore wanted to deliver real songs! That’s a good evolution but the red line stays the non compromising kind of Thrash Metal Spewgore represents.  

Nevertheless the fast solos fits the music right and the band worked hard to improve at this specific point. Awesome to see how Spewgore takes a few steps forward! With “Upheaval” the band even slows the tempo down and this hammering track really leaves an impression behind, especially because of the emotional and anger kind of singing. Bill Brown isn’t a world class singer but he’s the face of the anger in this band. Also “Faith In The State” is a great song and especially those pulls of the strings in the background of the refrains are fantastic. It shows once more Spewgore pays more attention to the arrangements and I really hear fantastic, even emotional solos, right here! Spewgore made improvements without giving in the main politics of the band.  

What I’ve said before still remains; I am quite sure Spewgore is a fantastic live band. This record contains three live tracks that confirm my thoughts. This kind of music must be performed on stage because it is pure neck breaking therapy to lose all energy! Check them at http://www.myspace.com/spewgore.  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)