Metal To Infinity

Hey, this time we'll have a closer look at Norwegian newcomer Spirits Of The Dead and their self-titled debut album. Spirits of The Dead consists of Ole Ovstedal (guitars), Ragnar Vikse (vocals), Geir Thorstensen (drums) and Deadly Nightshade (bass, keyboards) The band was formed by Ole and Ragnar early 2007, and later joined by Geir and Deadly Nightshade.    

Now to describe SOTD's music is a difficult job, think 60's and 70's Rock add some Stoner, Progrock and a very open minded psychedelic approach... mix it all up and you'll get the picture although the best way is to listen yourself cause in my opinion either you'll love or hate it, one thing is for sure SOTD isn't afraid to experiment with sound and it results in a seven track masterpiece!    

After only 6 intensive days in the Crystal Canyon Studio, they had the result. Mixed in Grand Sport Studio a week after, and then mastered in Cutting Room , Sweden. The result is truly amazing, knowing they recorded in such short time proves these guys know for sure what they want and how they want it!    

The album bursts with dream catching arrangements, fuzzy riffing, melodic bass, tight drumming and nice clean vocals, it all sounds brilliant and it's fun listening to such a diverse album! In my opinion these guys bring 'Progrock' to the next level and deserve a place amongst the top-notch in the genre and i believe they will be an inspiration to a lot of other bands due to their daring experimental way of composing! I've listened over and over trying to find at least one negative point to say about this album but the truth we must face is that there isn't one bit negative on this whole album... it all falls to pieces just perfectly and SOTD proves with this killer album that they are Scandinavian top!!!  

So do yourselves and 'SOTD' a pleasure and visit: www.myspace.com/spiritsofthedeadmusic for a  preview of the album and hear for yourselves how great this band really is!!!

My rating: 88 / 100  (Review by Bruggeman Nicolas)