Metal To Infinity

Another new Swedish band, and as you probably know, there are many of them in that lovely country! Most of them have the tradition to aim high, and again, most of them reach a certain level in musical craftsmanship. The common Swedish band knows how to rock and knows how to bang your head, even if we talk about the mainstream hardrock style, or even the hellish growls from the extreme genres.

Stallion Four is aiming to a certain level where predecessors like AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and Krokus have been before. Straight forward pumping and rocking tunes that will give most of us a moment of joy. Talking about that, I have the impression that the songs on ‘Rough Times’ will be limited to only ‘a moment’, as the structures are really simple and plain. Elementary, they have everything that a good song needs, but not one track on ‘Rough Times’ stands out of the rest. No real highlights, no masterpieces, just rock until you drop. The band released already a few demos and an 7” EP, and these independent releases seemed to impress the staff of Pure Rock Records, as they got signed. Perhaps, the label wants to discover a band a la Airbourne, but there is still a long way ahead to reach 1% of Airbourne.

The magic is missing from start to finish, the charisma isn’t present and the songs are just average. This is a band that I might appreciate in a local pub, nothing more nothing less, and I hope that the beers will be served cold, otherwise, I wouldn’t stay…  

My rating: 68 / 100 (Review by Patrick de Sloover)