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Formed by guitarist / songwriter Luca Sellitto, Italian based Stamina created two demo’s in the first period of existence – their debut album entitled “Permanent Damage” came out in September 2006 through Heart Of Steel Records. We at Metal To Infinity webzine received a promo to review, co-editor Patrick De Sloover took care of the discussion… in the end, he was pretty pleased with the final result. 

Four years later on now – Stamina signed with IceWarrior Records (division of Rock It Up Records) to unleash the long expected follow up… entitled “Two Of A Kind”, this newborn baby really shows what Stamina is all about. With a running time of more than one hour, be ready for at least thirteen (including 3 bonus) tracks, actually a blend of high levelled Melodic Hard Rock and Metal music. For sure is the fact that Stamina nowadays is much better than they were releasing “Permanent Damage”. Obviously they haven’t change the way as they played a few years ago and I'm glad with that. Once again, Stamina delivered the goods on “Permanent Damage” and so the story continues on their new CD called “Two Of A Kind”. 

In my own opinion, all the tracks have a well-considered character and it feels good to hear a lot of variation while listening to the entire album. They also totally differ from the mainstream Italian Metal scene which allows me call this another appreciation. Reinforces with a few Danish guest singers like Henrik Brockmann (Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade,…) and Kenny Lubcke (Andre Andersen, Cornerstone,…) you can expect some dynamic vocal delivery! As a fan of shred guitar tactics I'm the lucky one here – throughout the entire running time of Stamina’s new album there are many awesome guitar works to enjoy I really can be satisfied although when axeman Luca starts to play in a so called fusion / jazzy manner I'm not that pleased anymore. Every now and than the song structures get a fusion character which isn’t my alley anyway. It’s just a little point of complaining but it’s my job to tell what really happens on Stamina’s new album. 

I definitely will recommend “Two Of A Kind” to all those into Melodic Hard Rock / Metal music – sometimes you shall witness a neoclassical, hard rocking identity in the vein of good old Alcatraz, Rainbow or Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. Defenders of Progressive Metal like Symphony X, Conception or Royal Hunt better spend some attention to Stamina as well as shredding guitar maniacs should have to do. One thing is for sure – you won’t be malcontent! To purchase, check the following url:  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)