Metal To Infinity

Remember Jari Tiura from MSG? Known for his excellent vocals on MSG´s 2006 album “Tales Of Rock ‘n’ Roll”? Well... He’s back with Stargazery! After releasing only one demo in 2007, this recent band from Finland is back with their first full-length album “Eye On The Sky” released by Pure Legend records, the brand new sub-label of Pure Steel Records.

Stargazery pleases our ears with eleven songs of Melodic Rock, which I think are written to be masterpieces. The strong guitar playing combined with powerful drums, tight bass lines, melodic keyboards and very strong vocals has resulted in an album who can easily be placed next to “The Dawn Of Reckoning” by Eternal Reign and many more great albums. Though this album is a Melodic Rock / Metal album, there’s still a big variety between all of the songs… for example: “Everytime I Dream Of You” is more of a power ballad while “Puppet On A String” is one to really bang your head to...

This band actually really took me by surprise as I am not that big of a Melodic Rock / Metal fan. They really caught my attention from the moment i started the CD, especially when Jari sang the first chorus of “Dying” absolutely stunning! Also the cover of Black Sabbath’s “Headless Cross” is one to say Amen to.

As for the rest of the musicians, congrats! I seldom heard such a tight teamwork between drummer and bass player! On top of all the great combinations of simple guitar playing / hard keys or the other way around makes the album complete! Very Strong album!

My points: 82 / 100 (Review by Timo)