Metal To Infinity

Awesome front cover! There’s not much to find about the band on the Internet but it is clear these are children of the Eighties Metal movement. As far as I know this trio contains members of Phantom Witch and The Gates Of Slumber. US Metal in the first place but if you take a good listen you’ll witness that these guys are also influenced by the German Power and Thrash Metal scène from the eighties… 

The production is very heavy and it helps Steel Aggressor to take the listener by the throat. The hooks, the riffs, the speed, the songwriting… are all predictable but I don’t actually care. Steel Aggressor stands for pure Metal! After multiple listens you’ll forget the fact that this CD is rather monotone at its first spin. So yes, take your time to discover this one. A mixture between the big styles of the Eighties or how Angel Dust and Blind Guardian meets Exciter and Iced Earth. 

In that specific era music like this would have been unstoppable but nowadays I suppose only the diehard fans of Speed and pure Heavy Metal will be thrilled.  Rick Cope isn’t a world singer but he’s evil and venomous in his vocal lines, reminding me to singers like Michael Grant (Onward, Crescent Shield, Cypher Seer), Tony Taylor (Twisted Tower Dire) and even a bit Ozzy Osbourne . The galloping riffs here are sinister and serpentine but the band doesn’t forget to weave awesome acoustic lines into their arrangements. Add those typical yet fan-tas-tic screaming solos and the hard hitting riffs and you’ll re-discover why Heavy Metal is so addicting, so devastating in your life! “Sword And Sorcery” for example contains everything a Heavy Metal fanatic is really longing for! Steel Aggressor is playing with speed, obliging the listener to bang his or hers head! 

This release contains enough clichés we heard lots of times before. The album was both a nod to the past as well as updated for the present; cutting-edge crushing metal that deserves its chances in the modern Metal scène! And yes, Traditional Metal is popular again or why do you think so many True Metal bands are scheduled on the biggest European Metal festivals? Right… 

Steel Aggressor sounds a bit Epic here and there, the title track is a perfect example for it, and you will find out why this is another strong release from Stormspell Records. This is a label that will never let you down, they didn’t in the past and they don’t right now. I enjoyed this album a lot and songs like “War On The Tundra”, “Master Of Past And Present” and “Living In The Shadows” are besides the other tracks I’ve mentioned worth checking this one out! Listening to this disc I’m transported back in time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Check 

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)