Metal To Infinity

Due to my dignity for US Classic Heavy Metal music, I’m completely satisfied with the new album from Boston, Massachusetts based Steel Assassin! 80s Metal maniacs definitely know all about these guys’ collaboration on one of the majestic Metal Massacre compilation efforts released through Metal Blade Records – to me one of the most interesting samplers throughout decades, it was the sixth edition of the MM series that featured Steel Assassin’s track called ‘Executioner’. It was my first contact with the band and I became of fan right from that moment on.  

Their discography might be not that impressive, only a few demo’s and one full length album entitled “From The Vaults” actually loaded with demo songs and other goodies – unfortunately I have to tell that the band disbanded in 1985. Those who missed the boat or never heard of Steel Assassin, make notice of the fact they were a unique, one of kind Heavy Metal I really admired. Steel Assassin was no longer active until that special day came, some of the original guys reunited and planned to record a new album through Sentinel Steel Records. Entitled “War Of The Eight Saints” saw daylight a few years ago, I had the opportunity to make the review for it and I fulfilled that task with a burning passion for my endless admiration for US Metal. Feel free to read my discussion on the album over HERE.  

Finally, the band is back with a brand new effort called “In Hellfire Forged” – an independent release from a band still in very good, I should say excellent condition… I can guarantee you all that this means Classic Heavy Metal as it should be! As much I was pleased with their former album, the more I am with the new output “In Hellfire Forged”. In fact the entire songlist contains seven ‘older’ songs from the band and one totally new one called ‘Break Out At St. Lo’ which shall added to the tracklist of a forthcoming album “Metal Of Honor”. Listening to this new fantastic up-tempo Heavy Metal song, I’m sure the future of S.A. looks very well! 

Also great feelings deep inside my heart and soul while enjoying the rest of the songs too – one after another  well-known song from their early years but the most pleasant point is they all are totally worked out. Different singer, better production, etc, etc… songs like ‘Spartacus’, ‘Phaeton’, ‘Crusader’, Attilla The Hun’ and the almighty, unforgettable ‘Executioner’ brings a very good way of Classic Metal. There is a song called ‘Burn Witch Burn’ and I’m not really sure from which period this one comes… Perhaps this is the first time the song has been released – anyway, main fact is that it is just another killer track.  

I’m in a state of overwhelming happiness with an album like “In Hellfire Forged” - yeah I truly am! Once again, Classic Heavy Metal music in its purest form, I can’t get enough of the entire CD. Excellent job to bring back some of their glorious songs, Steel Assassin gave them some kind of a façade renovation and it turned out real good. I always believed in these guys’ talented Metal forces and I’m sure they won’t disappoint me with their new, upcoming album “Metal Of Honor”. Look forward to hear from them again soon enough – meanwhile I’m gonna have some real good times listening to “In Hellfire Forged” – for sure, my favourite album at the moment and more than probably one of my personal outputs for 2010! Act like a true Metal maniac and check them out at:    

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Stefan)