Metal To Infinity

The wait is finally over – the new album from US Metal act Steel Assassin is a fact and pleasure to me to share my thoughts on this effort with all those hooked on pure, unadulterated American Heavy / Power Metal! Yeah, those were the days these Boston based veterans made of steel surprised me for the first time with the song ‘Executioner’ as Steel Assassin participated on Metal Massacre VI compilation through Metal Blade Records. Just like many other bands featuring on this awesome series, SA knew how to convince me right away. High pitched vocals, sharp as steel twin guitar attacks, pounding evil drums and a thunderous bass sound… US Metal in all its glory and I knew that I won’t let go the great inner feelings I’ve got while listening to this style of music. Still passionate by this gem after decades, allow me to say that I’m very pleased spreading the news of Steel Assassin’s new album entitled “WWII: Metal Of Honor”, released by High Roller Records! 

Classic US Metal maniacs surely know all about their glamorous debut effort “From The Vaults” followed by “War Of The Eight Saints” (Sentinel Steel) and independent piece “In Hellfire Forged” which were all very good outputs. Steel Assassin’s new ‘concept’ album “WWII: Metal Of Honor” includes everything that makes US Metal so attractive. Arising out if the beautiful and pure Metal loaded guitar riffs and mighty strong, pretty technical leads are nothing but killer tracks giving to me personally a very good feel. And I would also mention that the used vocals really mean a lot just like the bass and drum works basically. You have to know that Steel Assassin always delivered their Metal in a Classic way and that’s the only way to me!  

“WWII: Metal Of Honor” brings 9 tracks, produced very well (read not too polished – old school minded!). One of their former albums “From The Vault” was so eminently good that it’s almost unthinkable to do better but still, the new one comes pretty close. Allow me to say that “WWII: Metal Of Honor” is Steel Assassin’s second best album ever! Excellent US Power / Heavy Metal with a sound that is so damn hard, it’s able to knock you outta control for sure. Fascinated by facts happened during World War II, axeman Kevin Curran found inspirations while reading books like ‘Guadalcanal’ and ‘Four Stars Of Hell’, two songs on the new album bear the same title. ‘Guadalcanal’ features the fastest guitar riffs of all – killer track with a supreme structure. But there is another one that I really like, it’s called ‘Normandy Angels’ and let hear what a fantastic band Steel Assassin really is. This song opens in a calm mode to honour all the fallen soldiers (and dear family)… respectful, fighting men who risked their lives, most of them eventually to die in the end. It’s a beautiful work systematically constructed to a full Metal song featuring a sense of sentimental value that burns from within… GREAT! As a Rush fan myself, I’m very pleased with the cover track ‘Red Sector A’, a song about an evocative prison camp during the holocaust era. Originally, this track comes these legends’ one and only “Grace Under Pressure” album (1984).  

Along with the release of their new album, Steel Assassin brings on US Heavy / Power Metal as it should be and deserve a reward for their everlasting faith in the almighty forces of steel. No doubt about – fantastic concept album made for fans of Aska, Pharaoh, Antithesis, Iron Maiden (Piece Of Time period) and stuff…. US Power Metal for the true fanatics! /  

My Points: 98+ / 100 (Review by Stefan)