Metal To Infinity

Steel Assassin is a True US Classic Heavy Metal band from Boston, formed (first as a cover band) way back during the early eighties and nevertheless their 25 years of existence, 4 of 5 original members are back on the rails taking the world of Metal by surprise with a new and first full-length album ever!

They were present on '84 Metal Massacre 6 compilation album with a song called 'Executioner'. Great song by the way and also my very first contact with the band, i mean i'd never heard of them before. From that moment on, Steel Assassin meant a lot to me. My appreciation for these guys goes to the extreme, an excellent form of US Heavy Metal was their name of the game and that's what i liked back then and that has not yet changed until today. My hunger for US Metal still grows on and on!

A few demo's were recorded and numerous live shows took place, unfortunately enough, Steel Assassin disbanded in 1985. Pitiful for all those worshipped them but that's the way it goes. A brief reunion in 1988 kept the name of these legends alive, nevertheless all of the members followed different pathways to play in other bands. In 1998, "From The Vaults" hit the stores via GME. An album loaded with 'remastered' Steel Assassin songs, original made between '83 and '85. It was a great opportunity to have such a great selection of pure Metal music shining bride in your own CD collection, but still we all were silently waiting for some new works which finally became reality after the news goes around regarding the comeback of one of the greatest pioneers of US Classic Metal, named Steel Assassin!

Title of a brand new album is "War Of The Eight Saints" and is a true masterpiece released by Sentinel Steel Records. President of this US record label Denis Gulbey can be proud to bring out such awesome album. Besides a new singer named John Falzone (ex-Triphammer), all the original musicians are in charge and that's alright to me. After so many years, together as one declared of a very good understanding and friendship between the guys themselves! What has this new effort to offer? Better start preparing yourself for a one-hour spectacle of US Classic / Power Metal at it best! Vocals lines are less high-pitched than before, the new frontguy has a more powerful voice with a harsh grain sometimes.

Think back to Zoetrope's Pete Montswillo for example. Subjects of the lyrics are based on history and mythology, as for the style you have to go back in time where Metal was Metal the way it should be, i mean the almighty 80s!! Melodic shreddings, flameable riffs in both fast and dragging tempo's...i'm overwhelmed, also about the production of this output From the excellent 'powerful' opener 'Hawkwood' till the last and more than 10 minutes lasting ''War Of The Eight Saints''... it's full pleasure on US Metal music ripping out your guts!!

To me an album that stocks as a bomb with an impact that can kill. A killer US Metal work for all addicts into greats like: Attacker, Omen, Metal Church, Iron Maiden, Jag Panzer, Sacred Oath, Damien Thorne... Find it out real soon, you won't regret.

My Points: 97 / 100 (Review by Stefan)